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GREAT NEWS! EComposer Shopify Page Builder has released version 1.6.

Let’s read this article to catch all the awesome updates and improvements of EComposer’s newest version now.

New stunning templates for special events

One of the big changes in EComposer is that we published various seasonal templates to assist you with building high-converting landing pages such as:

- International Women’s day

- St. Patrick day

Plus, if you are struggling with lead attraction, you can insert one of the stunning and fully responsive Lead generation templates of EComposer.

Along with dozen of templates for different purposes and fields like Fashion, Bike, hiking, Electronics, POD, and more.

Don’t snooze! Check your EComposer Templates Library now to grab the Newest Next-Gen layouts.

EComposer templates

Provide fast & smooth support by EComposer Help Desk extension 

If you are looking for a solution to optimize your support sequence faster, EComposer Help Desk is built for you.

In details, EComposer team decided to develop this extension with aim of helping EComposer users create a consolidate customer support hub. You can find it on EComposer Extension library, in the tab “Newest” extension, like the image below.


This is paid extension. But you can install and use it FOR FREE EComposer Help Desk at the paid plans. Click here to upgrade now.

Tap here to learn how to set up in detaled.

Here is how this extension works.


EComposer Help Desk extension is available on all pages, just by one-time enable.

Improve page legacy with EComposer Age Verification extension

When opening some websites, you can see a popup requiring you verify your age before accessing. It’s the Age Verification popup.

This feature is commonly used to restrict a user’s access to digital content and online services if they are not of the appropriate age. 

Wanna apply it for your store. Good news! You can create this popup by using the EComposer Age Veification extension.

Here is how Age Verification looks on the EComposer library.


To use this extension on your page, first, you need to install it. Then do some simple configuring steps on settings tab.

Check out guidelines to learn more.

And here’s its result.


This extension can be used in all paid plan. Upgrade here.

EComposer Back to Top - Enhance your page navigation

On many websites, you've probably noticed a "back to top" button in the bottom-right corner while scrolling. You return to the page's top by clicking that button.

From now, on EComposer, you definitely can add this button to any pages, like the video below. 


This extension can be used on all EComposer paid plans

Click here to read full guildline of EComposer’s Back to Top extension.

Besides EComposer in-built extensions, we are glad to inform you our new integration tools.

New Integration: Bold x EComposer Integration

The EComposer team is excited to welcome Bold Subscriptions as a new partner.

Thanks to EComposer x Bold integration, the merchants now can easily add subscription plans to their EComposer product pages.

Check out this blog to understand deeper this integration and the benefits you earn from it.

EComposer x Rivyo Integration: Ultimate Social proof

Yes! Improving Customer trust and loyalty now is much easier.

Rivyo Product Reviews and EComposer have just partnered to create a new integration that allows users to easily add product review widgets to their EComposer pages. By utilizing the strength of social proof to boost client confidence and promote more sales, this integration promises to provide users with the greatest experience possible.

Explore here to understand what you will get from this integration.

New Integration: EComposer & Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Great news for EComposer merchants! 

EComposer and Parcel Panel were integrated successfully, so now you have a chance to own simple method to add order tracking forms to their EComposer pages. 

Read more here to get this method.

Aftership Order Tracking: New EComposer integration 

EComposer has recently integrated with Aftership Order Tracking app to assist merchants with adding an order tracking form to any EComposer page,which enables consumers to easily follow their order status and ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

Learn more this integration here.

Other Improvements

With the hope to give the best page building experience, EComposer team is highly concerned on tweaks and bugs. They might be small, but they might impact your online store performance significantly.

Along with offering new features and extensions, we also want to let you know about additional advancements made in EComposer v1.6 over earlier iterations.

- Better improvement in Publish/ Unpublish templates mode, device selection options, create new page, product grid display, etc.

- Newsletter tag is available

And more…

For a complete list of whole updates related to requests we received from the EComposer community, visit the EComposer changelog here.

Look forward to new updates

It’s a wrap of EComposer product updates series. 

We hope throught this article, you can get useful information to use EComposer 1.6 in building your pages much faster and easier.

We, the EComposer team, all strive to enhance your store-building experiences.

Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on this interesting blog in the comment box below. They are all invaluable feedback for EComposer to improve and support your having a beautiful branded store-building path. 

We're all listening!

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