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Greetings to our valued EComposer community! 

We're delighted to have you join us again for the latest edition of our EComposer Product Updates series. 

This September, we proudly present EComposer version 1.9, and it comes with fantastic updates and enhancements that we're eager to unveil. 

Get ready to dive into this article to get the inside scoop on all the significant details!

EComposer earned “Built for Shopify” badge


Great news for EComposer users!

EComposer optimizes its UX UI to meet 100% Shopify standards and reach the “Built for Shopify” badge.

In particular, EComposer has excelled in all strict criteria in:

- Highly rated and reviewed by Shopify merchants.

- Easy to use and install, even for people without coding experience.

- Compatible with the latest version of Shopify

- Provides excellent customer support, with quick response times and knowledgeable staff.

The EComposer team commits to providing our users with the best possible experience. 

Do you want to build a pro page? Here, we would love to share a tutorial to use EComposer faster and easier. 

EComposer Pricing expand: Customizable Pro Plan

Pro Plan Users, Get More Templates! 

Hungry for extra templates to level up your page-building experience? 

Good news! Now, with the Customizable Pro Plan, you can purchase up to 100 additional templates, paying only for what you use. This means more creative freedom and flexibility for your perfect website design.

Upgrade to Pro now and let your creativity soar!

20+ New EComposer templates

Our EComposer team's purpose is to help all merchants create pages efficiently. 

In EComposer version 1.9, we're unveiling 20+ new templates for dynamic eCommerce pages, including Landing, Home, Product, Footer, and Section templates in diverse fields, like: Food and Beverage, Fashion, Spa and Beauty, Education, Concert and Event, etc. 

They are expertly designed for optimal UX/UI and device responsiveness. 

Visit our templates library and explore the Newest Collection to experiment with captivating visual layouts for your pages.

EComposer New Integrations

EComposer has taken a significant step forward by integrating with some of the top Shopify apps in key areas such as Order Tracking, Upselling, and On-store Marketing.

These integrations are aimed at delivering seamless solutions for your online store, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Scroll and explore the exciting integrations on the EComposer 1.9 waiting for you.

EComposer x Transcy: Translate your pages effortlessly

Get ready for a game-changing integration to revolutionize your Shopify experience!

 We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Transcy AI-Language Translate, designed to take your page-building and translation capabilities to a new level. 

This integration simplifies translating your EComposer pages into multiple languages, ensuring you can effortlessly connect with a global audience. 

If you're as excited as we are and want to explore all the juicy details, head over to our blog. Learn how this dynamic duo can supercharge your eCommerce journey and delight customers worldwide!

Track123 Order Tracking x EComposer: Efficient Order Tracking on Stunning Pages

Order Tracking is one of the essential functions of every eCommerce store to leverage your customer shopping experience.

EComposer teamed up with Track123 Order Tracking to bring you a seamless integration that transforms order tracking and web page creation.

Explore this page to learn more about the benefits of this integration.

EComposer x Wide Bundles Integration: Dynamic Bundles on eCommerce pages 

The EComposer team truly understands the needs of in-store marketing for an online business. 

That’s why we implemented the integration between EComposer and Wide Bundles successfully.

Through the EComposer x WideBundles integration, you can now create quantity breaks, Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, and appealing bundles for both individual products and product lists.

Bonus: Special offer for EComposer users. You can try Wide Bundles with 10%OFF

To understand the EComposer x Wide Bundles integration in detail, read more here

EComposer x Kaching Bundles Integration: Drive more sales with smart bundles. 

Another sale-boosting integration that will make you “WOW”.

We're delighted to introduce our latest integration with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks. 

This integration makes creating eye-catching volume discount bundles for your EComposer-built pages much more manageable. Whether you're looking to boost sales or offer enticing deals, EComposer x Kaching Bundles extension covers your needs. 

Plus, exclusively for EComposer users, Kaching offers a generous 20% discount to install the Kaching app.

Click to read the detailed benefits you can earn from this integration.

EComposer x Revy Products Bundles Integration

EComposer is dedicated to providing you with an array of options to boost your sales and engagement levels. That's why we've partnered with Revy Bundles, and our successful integration is now in full swing. 

Thanks to this integration, EComposer users now can create more upselling product bundles.

Check out our detailed blog here to understand what this integration supports your web page and how to claim all benefits. Check it out.

Other Integrations

Besides, EComposer also joins forces with Instafeed, Seguno Email Marketing, UpPromote, SoBooster, and Dropshipman to bring you new solutions to improve your store social proof and turn visitors to loyal customers.

EComposer New Extension and Features

EComposer version 1.9 brings a wealth of new extensions and features that offer users enhanced flexibility in customizing their web pages. 

Through the "EComposer New Extensions and Features" part, we will explain in detail how these enhancements can empower your web design endeavors with EComposer Next Generation Page Builder!

EComposer Variable Products 

Adding product information on store takes a lot of time and effort. 

Moreover, less than 20% of content is actually read.  It means that the customers may miss your special offers or important information in some variants that they don’t browse.

In this article, we would love to share with you a new solution for that problem, called: EComposer variable products extension.

This extension supports EComposer merchants in spliting variants of one product into separate items in all page types, without affecting the product quantity on your store. 

Choose among paid plans here and use EComposer variable products extension free.

EComposer emoji picker in Text element

Emojis are commonly used to express our emotions. 

And as mentioned above, most clients won’t read your whole page content. To draw their attention in their scan mode, most of the web pages were added emoji within their content.

Great news for EComposer merchants! You can use emoji picker freely, which is available now in the EComposer text element.

Check our user guide to learn more.

Phone field on “Contact form” element

To help you collect more info about your customers, the EComposer team has added the Phone field on the contact form element.  

Other Improvements

EComposer focuses on upgrading existing elements and functions, eliminating tweaks and bugs in each version, hoping to provide intuitive and smooth page-building experiences. 

In EComposer v1.9, there are improvements in Progress element, Histories, Sticky Add to Cart extension, Ask a Question extension, Custom Color Swatches extension, Product Description, Related Products, Tab element.

To access complete updates related to requests we received from the EComposer community, visit the EComposer changelog here.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

That wraps up the latest updates we wanted to share in this EComposer Product Updates article.

We're fully committed to actively listening to your feedback and evaluating your feature requests daily. 

If you have any innovative ideas to enhance EComposer further, please don't hesitate to share them with us here. 

Keep following us to receive further EComposer updates.


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