Overall Shopify Basel Theme: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Overall Shopify Basel Theme: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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In today's digital landscape, where your online store's visual appeal and functionality significantly impact customer engagement, choosing a suitable theme is paramount. The Shopify Basel Theme stands out amidst a sea of options, boasting diverse layouts and features tailor-made for various industries and aesthetics. 

Whether you're diving into the world of electronics, fashion, furniture, or even niche markets like pet supplies or medical equipment, Basel offers a spectrum of possibilities.

Throughout this review, we'll navigate through the theme's layouts, examine its features and pricing, weigh its pros and cons, delve into user experiences, and explore customization potentials. Whether you're a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur or just starting your digital storefront journey, this review will equip you with the insights needed to make an informed decision.

So, join us as we dissect the Shopify Basel Theme, uncover its strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with the information necessary to determine the ideal fit for your online store.

About Shopify Basel Theme

Shopify Basel Theme

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The Shopify Basel Theme stands tall as a professional, minimalist, and AJAX responsive powerhouse meticulously designed to craft cutting-edge e-commerce websites. With its drag-and-drop page builder and a plethora of customizable theme settings and options, coupled with premium sliders and Shopify integration, Basel empowers you to curate a robust online store that exudes perfection on screens of any resolution.

Versatility is at the core of Basel's design ethos, catering seamlessly to a multitude of shop categories, spanning from clothing, electronics, and furniture to accessories, floral arrangements, and beyond. It's a theme that elevates e-commerce endeavors, setting the stage for unparalleled online shopping experiences.

At its heart, Basel is a professional minimalist AJAX responsive theme meticulously honed to fulfill the dynamic needs of modern e-commerce. Its cornerstone is creating compelling, modern, high-performing websites tailored exclusively to the e-commerce domain.

This theme's allure lies in its comprehensive toolkit. Including a drag-and-drop page builder, coupled with an extensive array of theme settings, empowers you to fashion a website that's visually appealing and seamlessly adaptable to varying screen resolutions. The richness of choice within the theme settings enables a highly customizable experience, ensuring your website aligns precisely with your vision.

Moreover, Basel offers premium sliders, adding a touch of luxury to your website's aesthetics and fostering an immersive and captivating user experience. These elements collectively contribute to crafting a store that resonates with users, ultimately translating into a rewarding experience for you as the proprietor.

Basel Theme Layout Options

You can access the Shopify Basel Theme Layout Collection to have the most detailed and intuitive view of Basel Theme Layout options.

1. Home Default

A versatile and adaptable layout is an ideal starting point for diverse product showcases. Home Default ensures a clean and flexible storefront.

shopify basel theme - Home Default

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2. Electronics

Tailored for tech-oriented stores, Electronics boasts a sleek and modern interface, perfect for showcasing gadgets and devices with sophistication.

shopify basel theme - Electronics

(Image source: The4)

3. Furniture Store

A design that accentuates furniture and home decor items, Furniture Store offers a visually appealing and inviting shopping experience.

Shopify Basel Theme - Furniture Store

(Image source: The4)

4. Dark Version

Dark Version is an elegant and sophisticated dark-themed layout, creating a bold visual impact and a unique ambiance for the store.

Shopify Basel Theme - Dark Version

(Image source: The4)

5. Flat Fashion

Catering to fashion enthusiasts, Flat Fashion layout offers a contemporary, streamlined design perfect for apparel and accessory showcases.

Shopify Basel Theme - Flat Fashion

(Image source: The4)

6. Organic Shop

Embracing natural and organic products, Organic Shop exudes an earthy aesthetic, fostering a wholesome shopping atmosphere.

Shopify Basel Theme - Organic Shop

(Image source: The4)

7. Shoes Store

A sleek and stylish layout optimized for showcasing footwear collections, Shoes Store offers an enticing display for shoe enthusiasts.

Shopify Basel Theme - Shoes Store

(Image source: The4)

8. Cosmetics

Elegance meets functionality, Cosmetics is tailored for beauty and skincare products, exuding sophistication and charm.

Shopify Basel Theme - Cosmetics

(Image source: The4)

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9. Fashion Store

Versatile and stylish, Fashion Store caters to various fashion niches with an emphasis on style and visual appeal.

Shopify Basel Theme - Fashion Store

(Image source: The4)

10. Wine Store

Refined and upscale, Wine Store is designed exclusively for wine collections, offering a luxurious and sophisticated shopping experience.

Shopify Basel Theme - Wine Store

(Image source: The4)

11. Parallax

Parallax is a dynamic layout that adds depth and movement, providing an engaging visual experience through scrolling.

Shopify Basel Theme - Parallax

(Image source: The4)

12. Watches

Elegant and precise, Watches is tailored to showcase watch collections focusing on sophistication and functionality.

Shopify Basel Theme - Watches

(Image source: The4)

13. Sport Shop

Dynamic and sporty, Sport Shop is ideal for showcasing athletic gear and equipment with a vibrant and active aesthetic.

Shopify Basel Theme - Sport Shop

(Image source: The4)

14. Lingerie Store

Embracing intimacy and allure, the Lingerie Store layout accentuates lingerie collections with elegance and allure.

Shopify Basel Theme - Lingerie Store

(Image source: The4)

15. Marketplace

Versatile and multifaceted, Marketplace caters to diverse vendors and products, providing a comprehensive platform for various sellers.

Shopify Basel Theme - Marketplace

(Image source: The4)

16. Bakery

Warm and inviting, Bakery curates specifically for bakery items, offering a cozy and delightful shopping experience.

Shopify Basel Theme - Bakery

(Image source: The4)

17. Coffee

Rich and aromatic, Coffee highlights coffee products, creating an inviting ambiance for coffee enthusiasts.

Shopify Basel Theme - Coffee

(Image source: The4)

18. Car

Sleek and sophisticated, Car is designed for automotive products, offering a showroom-like presentation for car-related items.

Shopify Basel Theme - Car

(Image source: The4)

19. Flowers

Fresh and vibrant, Flower is perfect for florists, exuding a charming and delightful atmosphere for floral arrangements.

Shopify Basel Theme - Flowers

(Image source: The4)

20. Bicycle Store

Dynamic and eco-friendly, Bicycle Store is designed for bicycle enthusiasts and showcases a range of cycling products.

Shopify Basel Theme - Bicycle Store

(Image source: The4)

21. Pets

Playful and pet-friendly, Pets caters to pet owners with a warm and inviting display for pet supplies and accessories.

Shopify Basel Theme - Pets

(Image source: The4)

22. Medical

Professional and informative, Medical is tailored for medical equipment, ensuring a clean and functional display for healthcare needs.

Shopify Basel Theme - Medical

(Image source: The4)

23. Fashion 2

Fashion 2 is a supplementary fashion layout, providing an alternate visual approach for diverse fashion product showcases.

Shopify Basel Theme - Fashion 2

(Image source: The4)

24. Hero Slider

High-impact and captivating, Hero Slider magnifies product highlights through a dynamic and engaging slider display.

Shopify Basel Theme - Hero Slider

(Image source: The4)

25. Minimalist

A Clean, clutter-free Minimalist is perfect for those seeking simplicity, offering a sleek and modern storefront.

Shopify Basel Theme - Minimalist

(Image source: The4)

26. Game

Dynamic and immersive, Game is designed for gaming products, creating an interactive shopping experience.

Shopify Basel Theme - Game

(Image source: The4)

27. Lighting

Illuminating and stylish, Lighting is curated for lighting products, offering a visually stunning display for various lighting fixtures.

Shopify Basel Theme - Lighting

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Features & Pricing of Shopify Basel Theme 

1. Basel Theme Features

The Shopify Basel Theme comes packed with various features designed to elevate your e-commerce experience to new heights. Let's delve into the rich set of functionalities that make Basel a standout choice for crafting compelling online stores:

  • Customizable Headers: Basel offers an extensive range of header variations, allowing seamless customization options encompassing colors, backgrounds, icons, top bar layouts, and content. This flexibility empowers users to create vibrant, engaging headers that captivate and retain user interest.


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  • AJAX Shop Capabilities: By leveraging AJAX technology, Basel provides a complete AJAX shop experience. This feature ensures customers a smooth and efficient browsing experience, from AJAX-powered search functionality to pagination and filter loading.
  • Color Swatches: With color blocks or image attributes, customers can easily visualize available colors and sizes, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.
  • 360-Degree View: Enhancing customer satisfaction, the 360-degree view feature enables comprehensive product exploration, allowing users to inspect products from various angles and fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the item.

Shopify Basel Theme - 360-Degree View

(Image source: The4)

  • Quick Shopping Options: Basel optimizes the shopping experience with extensive search functionalities directly on the shop page, enabling swift access to product details and facilitating quick and beneficial purchasing decisions.
  • Diverse Color Schemes: Offering primary and alternative color options, the theme's customization panel allows for seamless alteration of color schemes across various site elements, including buttons, titles, links, and more.
  • Wishlist App Integration: Basel includes a wishlist app, empowering customers to create and manage their wishlists, subsequently boosting sales by encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Extensive Google Fonts Integration: With access to a vast array of Google fonts, Basel allows for versatile font selections for headings, widget titles, menus, and more, providing customization options to suit diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Quick View Feature: Enabling quick product previews, this feature contributes to accelerated shopping experiences, attracting both new and returning customers with its convenience.

Shopify Basel Theme - Quick View

(Image source: The4)

  • Clean and Organized Coding: Basel boasts well-structured and organized coding, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and businesses. Its adherence to popular coding practices ensures optimal performance and reliability.

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  • One-Click Demo Installation: Simplifying the setup process, Basel facilitates easy installation of its diverse demos with a single click, allowing users to import demo content effortlessly.
  • RTL Language Support: The theme supports various RTL (Right-to-Left) languages, including Arabic and Hebrew, catering to a diverse global audience and facilitating content creation in multiple languages.
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2. Basel Theme Pricing Options 

The Shopify Basel Theme offers two distinct pricing options, providing flexibility based on your intended use and client requirements.

Shopify Basel Theme - Pricing Option

Regular License - $49

This license permits using the Shopify Basel Theme in a single-end product. It allows usage by you or one client without any additional charges imposed on end users. The total price of $49 includes both the item price and a buyer fee. This license is suitable for projects where the end product is not monetized directly from the users.

Extended License - $1050

With the Extended License, you have the freedom to use the Basel Theme in a single-end product where end users could be charged for accessing or utilizing the product. This license, priced at $1050, includes both the item price and a buyer fee. It enables usage by you or one client in a monetized end product, allowing you to generate revenue from the product's end users.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Basel Theme 

Shopify Basel Theme - Pros and Cons

1. Pros of Shopify Basel Theme

The Shopify Basel Theme presents a multitude of advantages that set it apart as a versatile and robust choice for crafting compelling e-commerce platforms. Here are the key pros of leveraging the Basel Theme:

  • Diverse Layout Options: Basel offers an extensive array of layout variations, catering to various industries and niches, ensuring tailored and visually appealing storefronts for different product categories.
  • Customization Flexibility: The theme provides extensive customization options for headers, colors, backgrounds, icons, and content, empowering users to create captivating and unique website designs.
  • AJAX Shop Capabilities: Leveraging AJAX technology, Basel ensures a smooth and efficient shopping experience with features such as AJAX search, quick view, and 360-degree product view, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Color Swatches and Quick Shopping: Integrated color swatches facilitate easy visualization of product attributes. In contrast, quick shopping options expedite the decision-making process for customers, contributing to a seamless shopping experience.
  • Wishlist Integration: Including a wishlist app encourages customer engagement and repeat purchases, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Extensive Google Fonts and Color Schemes: Basel offers a wide range of Google fonts and color schemes, allowing for versatile and aesthetic typography and design choices across the website.
  • Clean Coding and One-Click Demo Installation: The theme boasts well-organized coding, adhering to industry standards, ensuring reliability, and facilitating easy installation of demos with a single click.
  • RTL Language Support: Basel supports RTL languages, expanding its accessibility to global audiences and enabling content creation in diverse languages.

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2. Cons of Shopify Basel Theme 

  • Limited Support Responsiveness: Some users have reported experiencing delayed or inadequate support responses, leading to frustrations and unresolved issues, particularly regarding demo installation and guidance.
  • Challenges in Demo Installation: Despite available tutorials, some users encountered difficulties with the demo installation process, citing discrepancies between the provided guidance and the actual version, causing confusion and hindering installation progress.
  • Missing Templates and Code Issues: Occasionally, challenges occur due to missing templates within the theme's code, impeding the smooth integration of the theme into Shopify store setups.
  • Issues with Shopify Filters: Possible problems with the functionality of Shopify filters within the Shopify Basel Theme, indicating potential compatibility or functionality challenges that impacted customers' browsing and filtering experience.
  • Outdated Documentation: The provided documentation needed to be updated or more sufficient at some points, potentially leading to confusion and hindrances in effectively utilizing the theme's features and functionalities.

Basel theme user reviews, Support, and Resources

1. User reviews

Users’ experiences with the Shopify Basel Theme vary, offering a spectrum of opinions and insights into its functionality and support:

Positive Experiences

Several users praise the theme's customer support, citing quick response times (often within 24 hours) and effective resolutions. They commend the theme’s customizability for e-commerce, appreciating the preloaded features and step-by-step guidance offered by the support team.

Mixed Sentiments on Ease of Use

While some users find the theme highly customizable and suitable for e-commerce, others express challenges in adapting to its interface. One user, accustomed to WordPress Elementor, finds the control system less intuitive, highlighting a learning curve due to the side window controls.

Support Impact

There’s a mix of experiences with support. Some users applaud the swift resolution of issues, upgrading their ratings after receiving quick and effective help. However, some users express dissatisfaction, mentioning incomplete or vague responses and delays in support resolution.

Suggestions for Improvement

Recommendations for enhancement center around increasing text options within the admin panel, simplifying page layout design without the need for additional builders, and emphasizing the need for more updates to enhance the theme's capabilities further.

Below are some of the most detailed comments from users:

Ni1990sa (5/5)

The customer support is great, less than 24h response time, optimal resolutions every time. There's nothing to complain about. thank you guys!

mr4leo (5/5)

I'm used to designing in WordPress Elementor this is not as smooth to me because you control most of the entire site from a side window instead of only controlling elements on the present page by clicking on them. The side menu options are a little overwhelming because of this. 

However, Basel is super customizable, comes with many preloaded features that are great for ecommerce, and has excellent customer service that will give you step-by-step instructions with images or just fix it for you. The drawback for me is that we are in very different time zones. 

Hint: Design in Basel @ 90% zoom in Chrome. This enables you to have 2 side windows rather than 1 overcrowded 1. I wish I knew that from the beginning.

 ayamayaoutdoor (5/5)

Easy to use. The service is very good.

It is more timely to provide help when there is a problem

shauryacfc (5/5)

Theme was a bit confusing to get used to at first but eventually with the use of their WIKI page and the exceptional support from the support team I rate this theme 5 star, a special shout out to the support team. So far they've been top notch!

clickmelink (4/5)

It has a good theme, is easy to work with, is quick to set up, and supports it great. No complaints, just recommendations for improvements.

- Need to be more text options in admin with having to jump into CSS boxes to make changes.

- You'll need a page builder like 'Shogun', to design the layout of your pages if you don't know how to create page templates, etc.

A simple option to add sections in admin would help solve this problem.

Overall, it's a good theme ... and with more updates, this would be an amazing one.

Def. I recommend it for the price.

tosasilviu (3/5)

The theme is great, with a lost of features and flexibility, but I do not feel like I am getting the full 5 Star Customer Support, and some answers were vague, incomplete, or missing from the Developer. I am not receiving full support from the Developer. I can't recommend this theme if you don't know how to modify this theme yourself.

2. Support and Resources


Support for the Shopify Basel Theme is primarily offered through two platforms: ThemeForest and The4. Here's an overview of the support provided on each platform:


  • Response Time: Users seeking support through ThemeForest can expect a response after up to 1 business day.
  • Scope of Support: The item support covers various aspects, including answering technical questions about the item's features, assisting with reported bugs and issues, and help regarding included 3rd party assets. Support also encompasses the author's availability to respond to user queries.
  • Exclusions: The item support does not extend to customization or installation services for the theme.


  • Response Times: The4 strives to maintain regular monitoring of forums; however, continuous monitoring isn't always feasible due to different time zones. Response times are generally within 24 hours on weekdays and may extend to 24-48 hours over weekends.
  • Scope of Support: Support from The4 focuses on aiding users in setup, troubleshooting features, and addressing bugs within the theme.
  • Exclusions: The support offered does not encompass customization services or assistance with 3rd party apps. Users requiring customization are recommended to engage a developer for their needs.


Shopify Basel Theme - Resources

(Image source: The4)

The documentation of Shopify Basel Them includes the below categories. Each category has the instructions for the listed functions:

  • Install Theme: Get Started, Installing The Theme, Install Demo, Basic Config
  • Require Apps: Wishlist, Product Review, Nitro Lookbook, Nitro Bundle
  • Menu Config: Menu Config, Mobile Side Menu, Top Bar Menu, Main Navigation, Add Menu Link.
  • Theme Settings: General, General Layout, Page Heading, Header Config, Footer Config, Typography, Styles And Colors, Collection Page, Sticky Add To Cart Button, Basel Stock Countdown, Product Page, Search Page, Calculate Free Shipping Threshold,…
  • Filter Sidebar Config
  • Variant Image Change
  • Product Settings: Product Metafield, Tab Descriptions, Product Grouped, Product 360 View Gallery, Product Compare, Product Wislist, Recently Viewed Products.
  • Shortcode Page
  • Section: Slideshow, Section Title, Custom Html, Collection Categories, Product Carousel, Newsletter Signup, Blog, Information Style 1, Instagram, Logo List, Footer Layout.
  • Video Guide

How to Purchase the Shopify Basel Theme

The Shopify Basel Theme is available for purchase and download from ThemeForest and The4. Follow the steps below to purchase the theme on each platform.

With ThemeForest, follow these steps:

  • Access ThemeForest website
  • Type “Basel - Multipurpose Ecommerce Shopify Theme” in the search bar and choose the theme from the result page.
  • Click on “Add to Cart” and choose “Go to Checkout”, then follow the instructions to finish the purchase process.

Shopify Basel Theme - Purchase

(Image source: ThemeForest)

With The4, follow these steps:

  • Access The4 website
  • Type “Basel” in the search bar and choose the theme from the result page.
  • Click on “Buy Theme Now”, then you will be navigated to ThemeForest website. Then, follow the instructions above to finish the purchase process.

Shopify Basel Theme - Purchase

(Image source: The4)


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Add custom sections to Basel theme using EComposer

Customizing the Shopify Basel Theme with unique sections is streamlined by utilizing the EComposer Page Builder. Here's a step-by-step guide to seamlessly integrating custom sections into your Basel theme:

1. Sign in to Your Shopify Account: Access your Shopify account by logging in using your credentials.

2. Install EComposer Page Builder: If you haven't installed the EComposer Page Builder application yet, install and integrate it into your Shopify store. Alternatively, if you've previously installed the app, proceed by opening it.

Shopify Basel Theme - Add section by EComposer

(Image source: Shopify App Store)

3. Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" category within your Shopify dashboard. From the available options, select "Theme" to proceed.

Shopify Basel Theme - Add section by EComposer

4. Customize the Basel Theme: Locate and select the Basel theme from the available themes. Click on "Customize" to enter the theme customization interface.

5. Add Custom Sections: Within the customization interface, find the option labeled "Add section." Click on this to explore and select the specific kind of section you wish to create or customize within the Basel theme. Choose from the array of available options to tailor your storefront according to your preferences.

Shopify Basel Theme - Add section by EComposer

By following these outlined steps, users can effortlessly incorporate and design custom sections into their Basel theme using the EComposer Page Builder, enabling a personalized and distinctive look for their Shopify storefronts.

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Alternatives to Basel theme

If acquiring or installing the Shopify Basel Theme poses challenges, consider leveraging the EComposer Page Building tool for comprehensive store customization. EComposer offers an extensive range of features that could surpass the capabilities of certain themes, presenting a robust toolkit for customization:

  • Extensive Templates and Section Layouts: Access a vast library of over 100+ page templates and 260+ section layouts, providing a diverse array of starting points for your store's customization journey.

Read more: How to Create / Custom New Page Template in Shopify

  • Visual Customization: Seamlessly customize your website visually through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the necessity for coding expertise.
  • Vast Element Collection: Explore an extensive collection of elements, each equipped with multiple pre-designed layouts, facilitating versatile design choices.

Read more: 7 Must-have Website Design Elements for a Successful Shopify Store

  • Built-in Sales Boosting Extensions: Integrated extensions aimed at enhancing sales, potentially eliminating the reliance on third-party apps, thereby saving time and costs.
  • Robust Analytics Tools: Utilize powerful built-in analytics tools to track page performance, meticulously enabling targeted improvements and optimizations.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Benefit from ChatGPT integration for quick content generation, significantly reducing time and effort invested in content creation tasks.

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  • Global Fonts & Typography: Ensure brand consistency by utilizing global fonts & typography settings to maintain a cohesive design across your website.
  • No coding issues: Effortlessly customize your website's content through intuitive drag-and-drop features, eliminating the need for coding expertise.

By employing the EComposer Page Building tool, users will have access to diverse tools and functionalities that empower them to create highly customized and functional storefronts without solely relying on specific themes.


(Image source: EComposer)


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In conclusion, the Shopify Basel Theme is a versatile choice for crafting dynamic e-commerce platforms. Its extensive layout options cater to diverse industries, offering a range of customizable features. While user reviews showcase varying experiences with support and interface navigation, the theme's strengths lie in its robust customization tools and responsive customer service. 

Additionally, integrating EComposer as an alternative customization tool expands possibilities for users seeking comprehensive storefront customization. Despite challenges reported by some users, the theme's adaptability, diverse functionalities, and potential for unique storefront designs make it a compelling option for those seeking a tailored e-commerce presence.

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