How to create an impressive Shopify header section


how to create Shopify header section

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Step into the spotlight with an extraordinary Shopify header section! Unlock the secrets to crafting a captivating and unforgettable header for your online store. Our blog reveals expert tips, innovative design techniques, and practical guidance to make your header shine. From seamless navigation to stunning visuals, we will empower you to leave a lasting impression on visitors and boost conversions. 

Get ready to make a bold statement with your Shopify header. Let's embark on this exciting journey and create an awe-inspiring header that sets your store apart.

What is Shopify header section?

What is Shopify header section

The Shopify header section is essential to your online store's design at the top of the page. It serves as the gateway to your website, often containing your logo, navigation menu, search bar, and other vital elements. The header section provides a seamless user experience, showcases your brand identity, and guides visitors to explore your products and content. It is visitors' first impression of your store, so creating a visually appealing and functional header that captures attention and encourages engagement is vital.

Advantages of having an impressive header section

Advantages off Shopify header section

Visual Appeal

An impressive header section goes beyond basic design by incorporating visually striking elements, such as high-quality images, unique typography, and attention-grabbing graphics. This visually appealing presentation immediately captures visitors' attention and makes a lasting impression on your brand.

Branding and Recognition

The header section is a branding opportunity by prominently displaying your logo, tagline, and brand colors. Consistent branding across your store, including the header, reinforces your brand identity, increases brand recognition, and builds trust with your audience.

Navigation and Usability

A well-designed header section includes a straightforward and intuitive navigation menu. It organizes your website's categories, subcategories, and essential pages, allowing visitors to navigate your store and find what they want easily. Intuitive navigation improves user experience, reduces frustration, and encourages visitors to explore more.

Search and Filtering 

Integrating a search bar in the header section provides visitors with a quick and convenient way to search for specific products or content. Enhancing the search functionality with filters, sorting options, and suggestions enables consumers to find pertinent results more quickly, improving the effectiveness and satisfaction of their buying.

Call-to-Action and Promotions

An impressive header section can include strategically placed call-to-action buttons or banners to promote special offers, discounts, or new products. You can boost conversions and generate sales by grabbing visitors' attention and guiding them towards specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing.

How to create & customize Shopify header section

In Shopify Theme’s default, it has already provided a header for the website. In this blog, we will guide you on customizing the header to make it more attractive.

Step 1: Open the Shopify store

Firstly, you have to access your Shopify store; in your Shopify admin, go to “Online Store > Themes > Customize”. If you do not have a Shopify account, sign up now for exclusive deals with only $1/month.

open Shopify store

Step 2: Customize Shopify header section

- In the editor, click on “Header” to start editing

customize Shopify header

Edit the logo in Shopify Header

- Hit “Select image”

edit logo in Shopify header

- Choose the logo image from your library, and click “Done” to add your logo to Shopify’s header.

edit Shopify header: choose logo in the library

- After that, you have some options to customize the logo such as custom logo width or desktop logo position

custom Shopify header's logo

Customize Shopify Header Menu

- From the editor on the left, click “Main menu”.

customize Shopify header's menu

- After that, you will be directed to the “main menu” editor. Now, you can add/ remove menu items according to your preferences or change their position. 

To rearrange the positions, simply drag & drop menu items in the desired locations.

rearrange menu items in Shopify header

- In case you want to add more items to the menu, hit “Add menu items”, fill in the name, paste the link, then choose “Add” to save all the changes

Add new menu items in Shopify header

- You also can edit the existing ones by hitting “Edit” button > Apply changes

edit Shopify menu items

Note: You also can edit Menu in “Navigation” under “Online Store” from Shopify admin.

- Besides, you can choose the menu type with “Desktop menu type”, padding & margin adjustment.

Edit Shopify header menu section

Step 3: Save and publish

Finally, click “save” at the top right corner to save the changes.

save and publish Shopify header section

You also can add Announcement Bar above the header to get customers’ attention.

add Shopify announcement bar in Shopify


If you want to build other sections, such as the footer, FAQ, testimonials, and more, you can leverage the power of EComposer Page Builder App. This versatile Shopify app simplifies creating stunning sections without any coding knowledge. With an exceptional header section and the flexibility of EComposer, you can elevate the overall design and functionality of your Shopify store, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and driving success in your eCommerce journey. Install EComposer now to take advantage of it with the free plan available.

install EComposer Shopify landing page builder

Tips to make an eye-catching Shopify header section

How to create impressive Shopify header section

Clear and Consistent Branding

Your header section is an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. Use your logo prominently and ensure your brand colors and visual style are consistent throughout the header. This helps customers recognize and connect with your brand.

High-Quality Images

Including visually appealing images in your header section instantly grabs attention and creates a positive impression. Use high-resolution product images or graphics that represent your brand and products effectively.

Strategic Use of Typography

Typography is crucial in conveying your brand's personality and delivering your message. Select legible fonts that fit the tone of your brand. Create a hierarchy using different font sizes and styles to highlight important information.

Streamlined Navigation

Make it easy for visitors to navigate your store by organizing your header menu logically. Keep it concise and use clear labels for each category or page. Intuitive navigation helps customers quickly find what they're looking for and improves their overall browsing experience.

Responsive Design

Optimizing your header section for different screen sizes is crucial with the growing use of mobile devices. Ensure that it adapts seamlessly to smaller screens, maintaining its functionality and visual appeal.

Minimalist Approach

Keep your header section clean and uncluttered. To establish a feeling of equilibrium, use whitespace wisely and draw attention to critical elements. A minimalist design enhances readability and provides a visually pleasing experience.

Consistent Header Across Pages 

Maintain a consistent header design throughout your website to create a cohesive user experience. Consistency in branding, navigation, and layout helps customers feel familiar and comfortable browsing different pages.

Applying these recommended techniques, you can make an impressive Shopify header section that captures attention, reinforces your brand, improves navigation, and ultimately enhances the overall user experience of your store.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the Shopify header section of your online store holds significant importance in making a solid visual impact and providing a seamless user experience. By implementing this blog's best practices and tips, you can create an impressive header section that captures attention, reinforces your brand identity, and enhances navigation. 

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