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Most businesses use landing pages to give customers a first impression of a product. In fact, the complexity of landing pages often varies and offers different experiences for customers. Gartner Digital Markets' study shows that roughly 48% of website visitors leave the landing page without interacting with any of the website's marketing materials.

When starting pay-per-click (PPC) or demand-generation campaigns, it pays to have persuasive landing page copywriting that convinces website visitors to become your clients. By improving their online experience, an optimized landing page copywriting increases interaction with qualified leads. 

In this blog, we will show you useful tips for creating successful landing page copywriting. Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

What is Landing Page Copywriting?

landing page copywriting

Landing page copywriting is a key element of any successful online business. It is a clever marketing tactic that any company or store is trying to use, it helps the content to be written in a way that is attractive and engaging.

A landing page's objective is to encourage users to explore other website pages, send queries, or make purchases. In other words, the goal of landing page copywriting is to persuade potential customers to take some sort of action.

7 Must-have Tips for Landing Page Copywriting

Use the main headline and subhead to communicate value propositions

landing page copywriting

Most customers struggle when faced with countless goods with comparable features and services and short attention spans. The key is that you need to easily communicate your key differentiators to attract customers to use.

You may get prospects interested in your software value propositions by creating the ideal headline and subtitle. Make a strong title and subheading that persuades readers to care about your goods by using these suggestions.

- Headline: Draw attention to the value you’re offering in one short sentence. Include a mention of your product or audience. Make it flashy.

- Subheading or a short paragraph: Provide a specific explanation of what you offer and for whom, and why it’s useful.

- Bullet points (Optional) : Give more details by listing key benefits or features that set you apart.

Highlight benefits before features

To create a high-converting landing page for PPC, you shouldn’t just focus on the technical specifications of your product; you must emphasize how it would improve their current situation. By prioritizing advantages and leveraging product characteristics as factual evidence for your claims, the audience is more inclined to interact with what you provide.

The facts about your product are its features, whereas its benefits give a more compelling account of how it would affect customers. Benefits are easier to connect with because they speak directly to the issues and difficulties that buyers face. When describing the advantages of your product, be sure to include what it does, how it will affect the buyer's business, and how it will make them feel.

Keep your writing simple

landing page copywriting

The fact that you can write as well as Stephen King or J.K. Rowling since literary talent is meaningless in converted copy. Your writing is most effective when it's simple.

However, simplicity is not a cliché. ConversionXL has prepared a list of terms marketers should try to avoid -- see details here.

Also, to keep your landing page copy simple, you can follow a few tips below:

- Use simple sentence structure.

- Keep sentences short.

- Use short words. Short words that are easy to understand, skim-read.

- Don't get fancy with your words.

- Be clear and concise. Use the most basic words to describe what you are trying to say.

In short, the key to having a landing page copywriting is to keep it simple but not cliché.

Include customer testimonials to earn the trust

Use social proof to demonstrate to potential customers what their peers have experienced by using your product or service, such as customer ratings, reviews, and video testimonials. Customer testimonials give prospective clients concrete examples of how your product or service has benefited companies exactly like theirs.

By doing this, you will give your landing page legitimacy and increase its ability to engage the visitor on a deeper level than normal promotional material. 

Use numbers and get specific.

Anyone can make general claims about awesomeness, but not everyone can cite detailed statistics and figures. The metrics inserted into the landing page need to be accompanied by a citation to show their authority. Only then, customers will feel trust of your product and decide whether to finish the landing page you prepared or not.

Write compelling CTAs

landing page copywriting

Call-to-action (CTA) is important for driving conversions, including conversions from clicks and conversions from online form completions. Landing page visitors will be attracted by the visual interface and language of the CTA.

Three elements make an interesting CTA:

- Action-oriented: Specify the intended action and specify exactly what information or a particular experience will be given in return for activities like "downloading a white paper" or "registering for a webinar."

- Eye-catching: Use contrasting colors to make your CTAs stand out from the web page's backdrop. Do not bombard prospects with conflicting CTAs that might be confusing and distracting. Additionally, put them in a noticeable location so the visitor won't have to scroll to take action.

- Convincing: By highlighting the changes the consumer is now experiencing and the negative effects of inaction, you may convey a feeling of urgency. Clearly state the benefits visitors will experience by taking action.


Run tests before the launch

Create and test low-fidelity prototypes of your landing page's information architecture and user flow to learn more about what appeals to the target audience. This will assist you in identifying areas that need to be improved in order to maximize customer involvement and have a good effect on campaign outcomes.

On landing pages, it's usual to test the following components:

- Audience: Align the target group selection with the goals of the campaign, such as selling a different product in the portfolio to existing consumers.

- CTAs: Verify the CTA language using the button or image links, the prominence of the button on the page, the copy's content, and the button's design (color, size, and shape).

- Copying and messaging: Verify the content's size, length, and placement. Try using different voices, styles, fonts (bold or italics), and subheads for your headlines and main headings.

Using third-party apps to assist in creating Landing Page Copywriting

landing page copywriting

With the great development of technology, more and more businesses are entering the e-commerce market, and the number of Shopify apps launched has increased to more than 8000 applications. Therefore, for you to find an application that supports creating Landing Page is not too difficult, but will that application meet all your needs and especially meet your need to create effective landing page copywriting?

In this blog, we will introduce you to EComposer - Landing Page Builder. When you search for the keyword "landing page builder", EComposer will be at the top of the very useful applications on Shopify. EComposer has a treasure trove of unique and optimized Landing page templates. These Landing Page templates save you a lot of research and design time, and it ensures you will create a standard Landing Page Copywriting with CTA buttons and simple content but extremely attractive to customers.

landing page copywriting

If the templates don't satisfy you, don't worry, you can quickly design high-quality Landing Page Copywriting. EComposer provides you with hundreds of unique 50+ extensions, 90+ customizable elements, and 200+ section builders to simplify your design process.

In particular, whether you use a template or design your own Landing Page, you can still easily work on EComposer's editing page thanks to EComposer's direct drag-and-drop feature. In case you run into any difficulty, EComposer customer support is at your side 24/7.

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Extra best practices to have an effective Landing Page copywriting

landing page copywriting

1. Conducting extensive research

Excellent copy is not easy to come by. One needs to do research to become familiar with the subject, target audience, and current trends in the industry before attempting to write the content. Copywriters may incorporate these necessary components in their writing by paying attention to what the market is lacking in. If applied correctly, this tactic can prove to be a valuable asset.

2. Building a solid brand identity

Effective copywriting for landing pages will be facilitated by having a distinct brand identity and set of goals. It makes no difference whether a company is tiny or not. It's crucial to have a strong brand identity. Remember that customers and potential customers want to know more about the brand they are working with.

A stream of consistent goods, services, information, and calls to action will demonstrate the brand's coherence and clarity, luring customers to tell their friends and family about it. In other words, if content creators are successful in persuading visitors to their landing pages, they have ensured a legion of ardent supporters who will attempt to spread the word about their positive experiences, resulting in better publicity and higher conversion rates.

3. Doing quality tests

When he said that nothing is excellent in its first draft, Ernest Hemingway wasn't mistaken. Of course, we changed the quote's explicit wording. Additionally, it's preferable to test out a few ideas and contrast their effects on an audience before deciding on a specific style.

Make sure the CTAs, headlines, and other supporting elements are excellent by taking the time to A/B test your landing page composition. Any business might potentially be made or broken by them.

4. Taking regular notes

Every aspect of the world we live in today is dynamic. Market trends change every day. While some businesses fail, others grow. It might be challenging to perfect a strong landing page copywriting technique, especially if the CTA or the page's goal is significant. However, it's important to periodically update and modify this technique. The easiest approach to accomplish this is to consider any helpful feedback, reviews, complaints, technical errors, and other factors.

Keeping track of prior digital campaigns, CTAs, and landing page examples while attempting to steer clear of subpar solutions is another helpful strategy. The wording used, the messages themselves, the graphics, etc., may all be improved.

Examples of Landing Page Copywriting

1. Codeacademy

landing page copywriting

Codeacademy's copy and design are both straightforward. The form on the page is straightforward, requiring simply an email address and a password. You may also use your LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, or Google Plus login to speed up the conversion process even further.

For visitors who require more information before registering an account, the landing page also includes real-life success stories, testimonials, and other types of social proof. This helps newcomers navigate the often frightening world of coding.

2. Curology

landing page copywriting

The top flap of Curology is simple, visually appealing, and to the point – and the copy is fewer than 50 characters long. Users comprehend the offer and how it may benefit them right away. Even if you're unfamiliar with the brand, its message is clear: whatever your skin troubles are, Curology has a tailored treatment for you.

3. Loom

landing page copywriting

Your call-to-action (CTA) will be whichever objective you decide upon, and every word that follows should persuade readers to click on it. Loom wants to convert visitors by encouraging them to sign up for a free trial. So, from top to bottom, their CTA and text support the same objective.


To Sum up

Landing page copywriting is essential for the modern sales funnel. This is often the first and sometimes only opportunity to make a good impression on potential customers.

We hope the tips we mentioned above will help you create successful landing page copywriting. If you want more information or want to learn more about EComposer, follow us at or click on the message icon located in the right corner of the screen.


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