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How to create a unique Shopify Coming Soon Page for a pre-launch website - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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As the world develops, people will have more choices to find products to buy. Since then, many unique forms of marketing have been born. Coming Soon Page is one of the not-so-new user approaches of enterprises.

However, how to have a unique Coming Soon Page that does not duplicate the style with other businesses is a matter of concern. This blog will answer your questions.

What is Coming Soon Page?

The term "Coming Soon Page" is no more strange for those in the e-commerce industry. However, not everyone can define "Coming Soon Page" correctly

A Coming Soon Page (or a password page) is a landing page where you can direct people to learn more about your business or product, capture their interest and encourage them to help amplify your reach—all before your launch.

Depending on the nature of each business, there will be different ways to build Coming Soon Pages.


Why should businesses have a Coming Soon Page?

Coming Soon Page is not a compulsion. There are some types of businesses that don't need a Coming Soon Page, others consider it an indispensable page. Overall, Coming Soon Page brings a lot of benefits and here are the 5 most typical ones.

2.1. Increase brand awareness

Coming Soon Page, as a step for the business to reveal the upcoming launch, will show customers the efforts that the business is making to launch a product. From there, customers will be impressed with the brand and consider coming back when the official website is launched

2.2. Increase the source of potential customers: 

On each Coming Soon Page, businesses normally design a box to fill in the customer's email. This helps businesses collect a large number of potential customers' emails, these emails will serve the purpose of promoting the business's products in the future.

2.3. Show the professionalism and prestige of the business

Nowadays, the number of poor-quality businesses is increasing, customers are often very suspicious of businesses that do not have many years of experience. Therefore, creating a Coming Soon Page is very necessary, customers will see that the business is serious about the upcoming project and may put more trust in the business.

2.4. Easily answer customer questions

When designing a Coming Soon Page, businesses can add an e-commerce plug-in, like Shopify Inbox Chat. This helps businesses answer customer questions and easily convince customers to participate in the upcoming launch.

2.5. Give a good start in building search ranking on Google

For those businesses or individuals who need to develop a website, achieving great SEO is a difficult process. Creating a Coming Soon Page and optimizing it with strong keywords will help you "breathe" when launching the official website.

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How to create a Coming Soon Page on Shopify store?

There are 2 ways to create a “Coming Soon Page” (or a Password page)

3.1. Create Coming Soon page using Shopify default password page

Step 1: Reactivating “Password Page"

From Dashboard menu, go to “Sales channels” and click “Online store”

Step 2: Customizing password page 

Select “Themes” and click “Customize” => Bring up the main editor 

Step 3: Choose “Password page” in the drop-down menu at the top

From the drop-down menu at the top, you’ll need to select “Password Page”

Pros & Cons: In this way, you will create a "Coming Soon Page" directly on Shopify. This saves you time to download the app and unleash your creativity. However, people who are low-tech or are in the stage of running out of ideas, will be difficult to create Page. Besides, shopify's default coming soon page customization is pretty limited, so users can only create a basic, monotonous "Coming Soon Page"

3.2. Create advanced Coming Soon page using EComposer Page Builder

EComposer - Landing Page Builder is an app that helps you create a Coming Soon Page very easily with lots of free themes and extra features.

Before starting, you need to download EComposer - Landing Page Builder to Shopify and you can create your own “Coming Soon Page” through the following steps:

Step1: Open “EComposer - Landing Page Builder”

From your Shopify Dashboard menu, go to "App" and click "EComposer - Landing Page Builder"

Step 2: Go to EComposer  “Password Page”

In Dashboard of EComposer, from the drop-down menu under "Action", select “Password Page” and click “Build Password Page”

Step 3: Select Coming soon page template & settings

Here you can choose themes, extensions or design your own "Coming Soon Page" easily

* Select a template

EComposer provides users with a rich amount of templates, so just choose a template that you like and you have successfully created more than 50% of your CSP.

* Setup Page info

If you want to design your own Coming Soon Page, you can go to "Step 2" and select "Start Building"

Step 4: Customize your Coming Soon page

From this step, you will officially begin your Coming Soon Page design. During the process of you creating the Cong Soon Page, EComposer will provide a lot of the necessary elements for you to add to the Coming Soon Page such as Heading; Countdown; Text; Newsletter; Social; etc

In addition, you can easily change the background and color of the page as you like. 

Watch our tutorial video to visualize how to create your password page quickly and stunningly Here 

Pros & Cons: When using this method, you need to download the EComposer - Landing Page Builder app. But no worries because this app not only does not reduce the performance of your store, but also gives you 2 options to design your own Coming Soon Page or design based on an existing template. EComposer also has many features that you can choose in addition to Coming Soon Pages such as building Home Pages, Standard Pages, Product Pages,etc.

Moreover, you will have a treasure trove of professional eye-catching themes and extensions to add on your pages.

5 Inspiring Coming Soon Page examples

Each business has a different Coming Soon Page creation strategy. Here are 5 good Coming Soon Pages you can refer to:

5.1. Harry’s

Referring to an outstanding "Coming Soon Page", we cannot help but mention Harry's with 100,000 emails through referrals. Subscribers on Harry's will receive more and more valuable rewards for referring more and more subscribers. Especially when you only need to start with 1 email

5.2. Freelance Bold

Freelance Bold has carefully researched user psychology when designing Coming Soon Page. As long as customers sign up for a 5-day trial, Freelance Bold will allow users to learn how to test, refresh areas of their business and try to plan for the future. This not only helps customers have the opportunity to experience, but also helps Freelance Bold get a number of emails and potential customers

5.3. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova's Coming Soon Page is quite different from other sites. Fashion Nova showed off the entire upcoming collection. Customers can completely click on each product and leave information for the store to be on the waiting list.

This helps customers see the products and are easily attracted by their beauty. Then they won't hesitate to add their name to the waiting list

5.4. JB Hi-Fi

With JB Hi-Fi, "Coming Soon Page" shows that many new blockbuster movies are coming soon and customers can pre-order these movies right on Coming Soon Page, besides this Coming Soon Page also offers a phone number, so customers can judge the photos if they can see the movie at a cheaper price on another website.

5.5. Gymshark

The Coming Soon Page of Gymshark is designed to be easy to understand, providing the most basic information about the product such as materials, changes and release date. This makes it easy for shoppers to grasp information and add expectations about new collections.


In the nutshell

Above is some information about the Coming Soon Page and how to create a Coming Soon Page. If you want to know more information or want to learn more about EComposer, follow us at or click on the message icon located in the right corner of the screen.