Top 13 Best Shopify Blog Themes to inspire you


Top 13 Best Shopify Blog Themes to inspire you

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If you're keen on generating authentic content for your brand, acquiring a quality Shopify blog theme is essential. Composing content is a top method to elevate traffic, acquire fresh clientele, and amplify revenue. Writing is an excellent platform to delve deeper into your product specifics and position yourself as an authority in a particular industry—a boon for SEO!

In this piece, we'll assess 13 Shopify blog templates and themes, both free and paid, aimed at enhancing your brand's traffic, credibility, and earnings.

What is a Blog Theme?

EComposer Blog

The term "blog" originates from combining "web-log" and represents a gathering of articles online. Typically, these blog posts focus on a single topic or serve a particular community within a website.

Your Shopify store's blog should directly relate to your business and the products you offer.

Benefits of Blog Theme on Shopify

Think of your blog page as the special topping on your Shopify cupcake. Making your home and product pages perfect is essential, but having a blog helps new and regular visitors. When someone needs a quick answer, accurate and helpful information is key.

Being ahead of trusted news sources boosts brand awareness and makes your business more recognizable.

So, why blog? Here’s why:

More People Visit: Instead of relying only on ads, blogging brings free visitors to your online store by customize SEO. But not just any blog—attractive, reliable content pulls people in and gets them checking out your stuff. Search engines love fresh, great content. Blogs help with SEO, which means better rankings and more people finding your site. Remember to keep your blog updated regularly, not just once in a blue moon.

Become a Trusted Expert: Show off your industry knowledge. Over time, this builds trust between you and your audience.

Show Your Brand’s Style: Blogs let you share your story, products, and wisdom. When your content connects with your audience, it brings in new customers and keeps them returning.

Get More Sales: Every person who comes to your store from a blog post could become a customer. If you provide what they need, it often leads to more sales for your store.

Top 13 Best Shopify Blog Themes ( Free or Premium)



Kalles stands out as a versatile Shopify theme designed for both blogging and selling. It offers diverse layouts not only for shops but also for the blog section.

The designer paid careful attention to creating an aesthetically pleasing blog. For instance, it incorporates engaging features such as ripple effects when readers hover over blog post images, ensuring easy attention-grabbing moments. Additionally, Kalles includes reader-friendly fonts, optimizing readability even on smaller screens for a better blog-reading experience.

Key Feature

  • More than 50 captivating demo designs available
  • Mobile-responsive design ensures smooth browsing on all devices
  • Enhanced SEO capabilities for optimized performance
  • Easy-to-use layout importer for user convenience
  • Advanced features like smart filters and product upsell for added functionality

Pricing: $89.00 USD



Impact is a contemporary Bootstrap template& blog ideal for various businesses, such as finance, consulting, insurance, and creative ventures. Crafted with the latest features in mind, it caters to modern demands effectively.

Ensuring seamless mobile viewing, the Impact template boasts full responsiveness, adapting beautifully to various devices—laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, or tablets—essential for a compelling blog section on your store's website.

This template includes essential sections like services, about us, portfolio, team, pricing, and login pages, fulfilling all your online presence requirements. Impact is an excellent choice, especially if you plan to launch a corporate website or enhance your blog store's online presence.

Key Features

  • Well-proportioned featured image-balancing content display
  • Navigation based on tags for smooth user interaction
  • Highlighted featured posts showcasing top content
  • Clearly visible tags on post thumbnails for easy categorization
  • Built-in newsletter form for expanding your email list
  • Title positioned above the featured image for immediate context
  • Inclusion of share buttons for effortless social media sharing
  • "Read most posts" feature to maintain visitor engagement with your content

Pricng: $380 USD

Be Yours

Be Yours

Be Yours caters specifically to cosmetics, beauty, and legal brands, equipped with a built-in age verifier, making it an ideal choice for dropshipping. The theme offers a countdown timer and prioritizes the creation of exceptionally fast, responsive websites to deliver an exceptional user experience. Leverage advanced blogging capabilities like showcasing blog posts on product and collection pages, enabling multiple blogs, and facilitating reader comments. Its adaptable sections and varied product templates guarantee a uniform appearance for single-product stores.

Key Features

  • Persistent share buttons on the left bar for heightened social media interaction
  • Navigation based on tags for seamless content exploration
  • Streamlined and effective design for user-friendly experience
  • Prominent featured image for visual allure
  • Clear and concise title for improved understanding
  • Breadcrumbs to facilitate user navigation
  • Related posts section with a prominent 'View All' call-to-action

Pricing: $250 USD



Avone offers limitless possibilities as a versatile Shopify theme, boasting an impactful blog section. This tool encompasses every page layout, component, and app necessary for a successful online presence. With a selection of eighteen different home pages alone, Avone provides extensive customization options, allowing modification of its default settings. In essence, the Avone kit is comprehensive and leaves nothing lacking.

The mobile-ready layout of Avone ensures compatibility across various browsers, ensuring top-notch performance for your online store and blog section. For newcomers to Avone's site-building capabilities, detailed documentation is available to provide a comprehensive understanding. A friendly support team is also on standby, ready to assist whenever needed.

Key Feature

  • Avone's grid system organizes blog posts neatly for quick browsing
  • Integrated category tags aid in filtering content based on reader interests
  • Features a recent posts widget and the option to showcase popular products in the sidebar
  • Offers a clean, minimal look with the ability to add related products
  • Includes social sharing buttons and a comments section for enhanced engagement

Pricing: $79



Simplicity and modern design define Broadcast, an excellent Shopify blog theme crafted to elevate your audience reach significantly. Offering a choice among three distinct designs, it ensures a swift path to achieving a remarkable outcome.

If you love the style as is, you can effortlessly showcase your content, products, and other details without making any alterations. It’s truly as straightforward as it sounds. Naturally, you also have the flexibility to brand and customize Broadcast to match your specific preferences precisely.

Broadcast offers multiple features, including drop-down navigation, color swatches, product quick view, customer testimonials, Disqus blog comments, and social media icons. With these diverse options, you can start strong and make a unique mark in the industry.

Key Features

  • Tag-based navigation simplifies content exploration
  • Well-designed featured post section enhances reader engagement
  • Sticky bar provides quick access to essential options
  • Related products feature encourages readers toward purchases
  • Easy access to recent blog posts increases reader retention
  • Share buttons facilitate effective social media promotion
  • Author section adds a personal touch and authority to posts

Pricing: $360 


Infuse your unique style into Cascade and leave a lasting impression on everyone. If you seek something different, Cascade’s excellence is a must-see. Explore any of its three available samples and take a glimpse at the active stores already leveraging this tool. In essence, Cascade boasts an eye-catching and captivating design.

Tailor Cascade to fit your needs using customizable content sections and predefined color schemes. With just a few clicks, create a complete solution poised to make waves in the online sphere and revolutionize your industry. Don't overlook the opportunity to start a blog alongside crafting a stunning brand and product presentation—going the extra mile pays off.

Key Features

  • Engaging yet soothing layout for seamless product browsing
  • Type settings that complement page content without clutter
  • Multiple product templates, content types, and design settings
  • Ideal for selling a variety of items, big or small

Pricing: $350 

Ugo - Blog Shopify Theme


Ugo, a sleek Shopify theme, caters to writers, designers, artists, and creative individuals passionate about blogging on Shopify. Its minimalist design, accentuated by ample white space, ensures your content takes the spotlight. Despite its clean aesthetics, its e-commerce features are robust and impressive.

Featuring a multitude of customizable elements such as stylish sliders, elegant lightboxes, product carousels, and more, this theme enhances the appearance of your Shopify store, making it user-friendly and visually appealing. For new bloggers on Shopify, Ugo provides an instant edge over the competition, making it an excellent choice to kickstart your journey.

Key Features

  • Distinctive design for the blog homepage
  • Exceptional speed and clear visibility of blog tags
  • Social sharing buttons integrated into thumbnails
  • Easily readable blogs with large font sizes
  • Prominent display of comments section, author name, and publication date
  • Stunning, responsive design for optimal viewing experience

Pricing: $55


Icon Theme

Icon offers four distinct theme styles, all exuding bold, stylish, and minimalist designs. While the blog lacks many features, it covers the essentials necessary to inform your audience. Direct sharing of articles to social media is facilitated through dedicated buttons, and high-resolution image integration is available. 

When focusing on exclusive online product sales, providing a delightful shopping experience becomes paramount. Captivating large images and a clean design are crucial in winning over potential customers. Enter Icon: a theme designed with meticulous attention to imagery, ensuring an engaging browsing experience for all. Its complete flexibility and responsiveness make it seamlessly functional across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Embark on your new online venture with the stylish and efficient Icon theme. Should you desire to initiate a blog using this Shopify theme, it's a perfect fit. All necessary tools are readily available for implementation. Icon comes packed with additional features such as a slider, product quick view, parallax effect, newsletter subscription form, and a sticky header.

Icon is an ideal choice for those seeking image-rich blog articles.

Key Features

  • Selling products exclusively online demands a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Icon excels with its emphasis on large images and a clean design, attracting more potential customers for blog store. 
  • The theme is highly adaptable and responsive across various devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Starting a blog using this Shopify theme is easily achievable with all necessary tools at your fingertips.
  • Additional features of Icon encompass sliders, product quick view, parallax effect, a newsletter subscription form, and a sticky header.

Pricing: $280


Parallax Shopify theme

The Parallax Shopify theme is flexible, catering to single product shops that enable direct purchases from the homepage, leading customers straight to checkout. It's equally adept for larger inventory shops, allowing multiple featured collections and products on the homepage and facilitating advanced navigation and filtering through a sidebar.

The standout blog theme feature in Parallax is its seamless integration of blog posts with product pages, offering readers a holistic shopping experience. This integration allows you to spotlight blog posts directly on product pages, enhancing the context and relevance of your content within the shopping journey. 

Additionally, Parallax facilitates the easy setup of multiple blogs, encouraging reader engagement through comments and interactions. The theme empowers you to enrich your product and collection pages with compelling storytelling and informative blog content, fostering a more immersive shopping environment for your customers.

Key Features

  • Option to showcase a featured post prominently
  • Inclusion of a dedicated search bar for finding specific blogs
  • Sidebar widget displaying recent blog posts
  • Clean template design for an uncluttered appearance
  • Integration of social sharing buttons
  • Commenting functionality available
  • 'Also in Stories' section to prolong user engagement
  • Enhanced legibility through adequate line spacing

Pricing: $240



While some themes in the selection cater to various industries, others focus specifically on specific sectors. Corano is an exceptional choice for establishing contemporary and captivating online jewelry stores. Its sleek, minimalist, and luxurious design captivates interest instantly. Moreover, Corano offers functional blog capabilities, emphasizing the significance of maintaining an updated blog section.

This Shopify theme boasts a fluid and adaptable layout, ensuring seamless operation across mobile and desktop devices, web browsers, and retina screens. Additionally, it facilitates the incorporation of a dropshipping model or the promotion of affiliate products with ease. Corano streamlines numerous functionalities, allowing you to maximize its potential effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Industry-Specific Focus: Ideal for creating striking and contemporary online jewelry stores.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Clean, minimal, and luxurious design that captivates interest instantly.
  • Integrated Blog Functionality: Functional blog capabilities enable seamless integration for content creation.
  • Mobile and Desktop Compatibility: A flexible layout ensures smooth operation across devices and browsers, including retina screens.
  • Versatile Business Models: Easily adaptable for dropshipping or affiliate product integration, offering flexibility for different business strategies.

Pricing: $59



Take your online presence to new heights with Boost. This Shopify theme is incredibly versatile, ensuring a remarkable performance that delivers an enjoyable shopping journey across all devices. If you're considering starting a blog and leveraging strategic content marketing, Boost is an ideal choice. The best part? No coding or design work is required to launch your website—Boost comes fully equipped and ready to use.

Boost boasts an extensive array of features to kickstart your online journey swiftly and efficiently. It ensures maximum utilization without the hassle of technical concerns, as Boost handles everything for your convenience.

Key Feature

  • Vibrant and lively theme design
  • Capability to integrate videos seamlessly
  • Layout with multiple columns for content organization
  • Opportunity to showcase products within blog thumbnails
  • Swift and easy setup process
  • Drag-and-drop customization for personalized design
  • Translation available in major EU languages
  • Attractive and sizable product embeds for visual appeal

Pricing: $320 USD


Right off the bat, Yanka stands out as an exceptional Shopify theme tailored for apparel and fashion niches. It's perfect for announcing new product releases, building anticipation for upcoming sales, and much more. Beyond just selling goods online, it elevates the game by offering a dedicated blog section. Leveraging a blog allows you to target industry-related keywords, attracting even more potential customers.

Yanka boasts an array of impressive features. With eighteen captivating homepage styles, diverse headers, a mega menu, newsletter pop-up, custom tabs, and five distinct blog versions, it offers a multitude of options.

By mixing and matching these elements, infusing your creativity, you can effortlessly launch a stunning website using Yanka. Achieving exceptional results requires minimal effort with this theme.

Key Features

  • Layouts featuring multiple columns for enhanced content organization
  • Extensive customization options available
  • Contemporary design tailored for modern fashion groups
  • Swift loading times for optimal user experience
  • Ability to categorize articles using tags
  • Carousel feature allowing multiple header images
  • Flexible banner sections for versatile content display
  • Selection available among 3 distinct blog post layouts

Pricing:  $48



Instead of solely focusing on promoting products, you can elevate your approach by incorporating a blog. Even as a fashion brand, you have the opportunity to cover various topics and target different keywords. Connecting on a more personal level with your fans and followers, sharing your story and origins, and providing tips and guidance for others starting out—there's a multitude of ideas to keep your blog section vibrant and regularly updated.

In the Trendway package, you'll find an abundance of other valuable features. From diverse homepage designs and drag-and-drop sections to customizable headers, wishlist functionalities, efficient filtering options, and customer testimonials, Trendway encompasses a comprehensive array of elements. Moreover, it's optimized for speed, SEO-friendly, and compatible across various popular devices and browsers.

Key Features

  • Trendway offers exceptional responsiveness, ensuring flawless functionality across all devices.
  • It's user-friendly for individuals, whether technically inclined or not.
  • Features a creative and intelligent design layout.
  • Includes popular icon fonts like Ionicons and Linearicons.
  • Incorporates a selection of 600 Google Fonts for easy customization.
  • Features an Ajax contact form for quicker messaging.
  • Developed following W3C Markup standards for clean and organized coding.
  • Purchase guarantees lifetime access to free updates.
  • Provides genuine, individualized support seven days a week.

Pricing: $32

How to Choose a Shopify Blog Theme for Your Online Stores 

Before delving into the top Shopify blog themes, let's outline the criteria guiding our selections. These are crucial factors to bear in mind if you're exploring themes independently.

Consider the following when selecting a Shopify theme:

Design: Ensure the theme's design complements your brand and resonates with your intended audience. Seek customizable options for colors, fonts, and layouts to craft a distinct blog appearance.

Essential blog attributes: Thoroughly examine demo versions to ensure the blog template includes necessary elements like custom author attribution, social media sharing buttons, a recent posts sidebar, tags, categories, and a comments section.

User-friendly navigation: Assess theme demos to confirm intuitive navigation and easy access to blogs.

Mobile responsiveness: Verify that the blog theme is completely optimized for seamless viewing on mobile devices.

Price: Find a theme that aligns with your budget while offering necessary features. Paying for unused features adds unnecessary expense.

Support: Check for reliable technical support and comprehensive documentation to maximize the theme's potential and troubleshoot any issues effectively.

How to start a blog on shopify

At this point, you likely have a Shopify blog theme in mind for your online store.

Now, the process of creating a blog and formatting your posts on Shopify might seem overwhelming, but it's quite straightforward.

It involves a few simple steps. Here's a guide:

Step 1: Access 'Blog posts' to start publishing.

Access 'Blog posts' to start publishing.

Navigate to your Shopify dashboard and click on 'Online Store' in the left sidebar menu. Then, choose 'Blog posts.'

Afterward, click 'Add  Blog post

Click 'Add  Blog post’.

Step 2: Input content and title.

Here, add the post's body content and its title. Adjust search engine settings such as page title, meta description, and the Shopify blog URL. 

Additionally, include a featured image by clicking 'Add image' in the Featured image box.

Click 'Add image'

Step 3: Set post preferences.

Assign the correct author for your post in the Organization section by selecting a name from the Author drop-down menu.

Utilize the Shopify blog Tags drop-down menu to categorize similar posts by subject or category.

Step 4: Create a new blog.

Under the Blog drop-down menu, select 'Create a new blog.' A box labeled 'Blog title' will appear—enter your new blog's name.

Step 5: Save your changes.

Finally, click 'Save' to confirm and save your modifications.

You can read more: How to create a stunning Blog page in Shopify

Shopify Blog Theme Examples to Get You Inspired

Korean Skincare

Shopify Blog Theme Examples

Named Korean Skincare, this hub offers top-tier Korean beauty and makeup items along with personalized guidance for skincare enthusiasts. Although the business operates from the Netherlands, their blog content is in English. This strategic move ensures broader exposure on search engine results, enhancing their marketing effectiveness.

A glance at Korean Skincare's featured blog posts showcases their strategic approach.

The blog layout exudes a minimalist vibe yet encompasses a wide range of skincare and related topics. Thoughtfully placed clear call-to-action buttons accompany recommended products without disrupting the visitor's reading flow. For those operating within a similar niche, exploring this eCommerce site could serve as inspiration to integrate blog posts seamlessly into their Shopify store.


Cocofloss Example

Cocofloss guarantees to brighten your smile—literally. Their dental floss stands out as superior to others on the market, created by the Cu sisters, a dentist and an artist/engineer duo.

The vibrant website layout resembles a pediatric dental clinic, adorned with a rainbow and sunflower on the wall. Cocofloss opted for a maximalist approach rather than a minimalist one, and it suits them perfectly.

Their blog section hosts an array of engaging content, from enjoyable recipes to practical tips and advice. Consistency in aesthetics across the entire website meets visitors' expectations.

Strategic blog posts not only offer care tips for their products, serving as an excellent email marketing strategy for existing customers but also provide answers to common queries like "how to whiten teeth," welcoming new visitors to explore the store.

Connected Apparel

Connected Apparel Example

The Connected Apparel clothing brand embraces women of diverse shapes and ages, focusing on contemporary fashion items with a clean, modern design.

Yet, their blog content surpasses ordinary standards. They've executed a remarkable SEO strategy, featuring captivating titles and topics that accentuate their products.

With a serene mix of beige, white, and black hues, the website exudes a chic, contemporary ambiance. Their self-captured photo shoots further emphasize authenticity. This eCommerce platform epitomizes understated Shopify blog themes, complementing their product line seamlessly.

How to customize Shopify Blog Theme with Ecomposer

Transform your Shopify store’s speed and design versatility with the fastest Shopify theme, backed by the EComposer Landing Page Builder app.

EComposer Landing Page Builder app.

EComposer empowers merchants to effortlessly create any page or section using its live drag-and-drop editor, simplifying customization for beginners and experienced users alike. With a vast library of EComposer elements, options, and templates, crafting tailored pages is effortless. No need for multiple third-party apps; EComposer seamlessly integrates various extensions to enhance sales.

Key Features

  • Various customization options available: Gain access to an extensive array of pre-designed layouts featuring over 100 pages, 260+ sections, and 90+ elements. This diversity allows for versatile and compelling design choices, essential for creating high-converting pages.
  • Perfect integration and compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with both default and premium Shopify themes, facilitating easy customization and additions to enhance your theme's functionality.
  • Boosted performance and functionality: Utilize over 20 extensions, including analytics for improved performance tracking, guaranteeing optimized page performance and an enriched user experience.
  • Efficient AI integration: Seamlessly incorporate ChatGPT for AI-powered content generation, significantly reducing the time and effort needed for compelling page content creation.
  • Mobile-focused design: Prioritize mobile responsiveness in template creation, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across various devices and boosting conversion rates.

Concerned about store speed? EComposer's speed-up tools and optimized codes guarantee a smooth user experience without sacrificing performance. From landing pages to product showcases, effortlessly build any page or section. The live drag-and-drop page builder offers instant previews, streamlining the customization process for intuitive and efficient design.


What is a blog post vs pages Shopify?

A blog post and a page in Shopify have distinct differences. While all blog posts are a type of webpage, not every webpage is a blog post. In Shopify's structure, blog posts are specifically housed within the blog section. Conversely, pages or webpages can be found across various sections such as 'Collections,' 'Products,' and 'Pages.'

Are there blog themes available on Shopify?

Boost is a captivating Shopify theme tailored for editorial content. Its blog layout enables seamless product integration within articles, emphasizing its sales-oriented approach. Additionally, it showcases features such as author attribution, publication dates, tags, comment sections, and dedicated social media sharing buttons.

Does Shopify serve well for blogging purposes?

Shopify offers an in-built blogging platform within your online store. Blogging effectively enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO), grows your audience, and drives increased traffic and sales to your business.

How can I include a blog slider on Shopify?

Adding a slider to your Shopify store using coding:

Step 1: Register for a Shopify account.

Step 2: Replicate your current live theme.

Step 3: Integrate a new section.

Step 4: Incorporate the Slider theme snippet.

Step 5: Save your Slider settings.

Should I use the Shopify blog or WordPress?

You can use WordPress and its plug-ins to blog, offer exclusive content to members, sell tickets and event registrations, schedule appointments, and more. WordPress may be a good choice if your business isn't solely focused on e-commerce, on the other hand, is primarily for e-commerce.

Is it better to opt for Shopify's blog or WordPress?

WordPress, with its plugins, offers versatile functionalities like blogging, exclusive content for members, ticket sales, event registrations, appointment scheduling, and more. If your business extends beyond e-commerce, WordPress could be a suitable choice. Conversely, Shopify predominantly caters to e-commerce needs.


That concludes our compilation of the best Shopify Blog Themes.

Whether you prefer free or paid options, these themes cater to a spectrum of features to fulfill your blogging requirements. Take the time to explore those that align with your needs and craft your very own blog!


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