Top 9 Picks Shopify Toy & Doll Themes in 2024


Top 9 Picks Shopify Toy & Doll Themes in 2024

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In e-commerce, capturing a child's imagination and winning over parents' trust is key.  This is especially true for toy and doll stores. The right Shopify website theme for toy and doll can differentiate between a playful browsing experience that converts and a website that struggles to engage.

This curated list explores the top 9 Shopify website themes designed to bring your toy and doll store to life.  We've prioritized themes that are visually appealing to children, easy to navigate for parents, and optimized for showcasing your fantastic products.  So, transform your online store into a wonderland that drives sales and sparks joy!

What Are You Looking For In Shopify Website Theme For Toy and Doll?

The world of toys and dolls is about sparking imagination and fostering wonder.  However, your online store requires a theme that offers more than an attractive appearance. Here's a breakdown of critical features to prioritize when selecting a Shopify website theme for your toy and doll store:

Visual Appeal for Tiny Trendsetters:

  • Bright and Colorful Design: Children naturally enjoy vibrant colors and playful themes. Choose a theme with a cheerful color palette and engaging graphics that capture their attention.
  • High-Quality Product Images: Toys and dolls are highly visual products. Opt for a theme that allows for sharp, high-resolution product photos that showcase details and enticing clicks.
  • Consider Character Integration: If your store focuses on famous characters or licensed toys, a theme that allows for incorporating those characters into the design can add brand recognition and excitement for young visitors.

User-Friendly Navigation for Grown-Ups:

  • Clear and Simple Menus: Parents scanning your store for specific toys need a user-friendly experience. Prioritize themes with clear, easy-to-navigate menus categorized by age group, brand, or toy type.
  • Search Functionality: A robust search bar is crucial for parents who know exactly what they want. Consider themes with auto-complete suggestions and filters based on various criteria.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Today's shopping often happens on smartphones. Ensure your theme displays beautifully and functions flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to tablets and phones.

Functionality to Showcase Your Toy Box Treasures:

  • Product Page Optimization: Look for themes with dedicated product page templates that allow for detailed descriptions, multiple high-quality images, and clear calls to action for adding items to carts.
  • Wishlists and Gift Registries: Many parents rely on wishlists and gift registries for birthdays and holidays. Choose a theme that offers these functionalities to enhance customer experience and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Interactive Features (Optional): While optional, some themes offer interactive features like product carousels, zoom functionality, or 360-degree product views. These can further engage children and provide a more immersive buying experience.

Additional Considerations:

  • Theme Customization: While aesthetics are important, some customization allows you to tailor the theme to your brand's color scheme, fonts, and overall style.
  • Theme Speed and Performance: A slow-loading website frustrates everyone. Choose a well-coded theme that ensures a smooth browsing experience.
  • Customer Reviews and Support: Read reviews from other users about the theme's ease of use, functionality, and the developer's level of customer support.

Top 9 Shopify Toy And Doll Themes 

1. Kalles


Kalles emerges as the unparalleled choice for toy and doll stores on Shopify, offering a wealth of features and design elements tailored to enhance the online shopping experience. With its versatile design and meticulously optimized page layouts, Kalles empowers store owners to create visually stunning and highly functional online shops that captivate their audience.

What sets Kalles apart is its sleek and contemporary aesthetic, which not only lends a professional look to your website but also ensures that your products stand out amidst the competition. Whether you're showcasing the latest toy trends or timeless doll collections, Kalles provides the perfect backdrop to highlight your offerings in the best possible light.

Kalles offers a range of customizable features and functionalities that empower store owners to tailor their online shops to their unique preferences and business goals. From customizable page layouts to advanced product display options, Kalles provides the flexibility and versatility needed to create a truly bespoke online shopping experience for your customers.

Key features

  • Adaptive, Eye-catching Design: With its responsive design, Kalles guarantees that your toy and doll website looks captivating and functions seamlessly on any device, catering to children and parents who may browse on various platforms.
  • Captivating Lookbook Showcase: Showcase your diverse range of toys and dolls in a visually stunning Lookbook feature, perfect for captivating young imaginations and inspiring parents with curated collections.
  • Immersive Multimedia Experience: Kalles offers advanced multimedia capabilities, including Video Thumbnails and 3D features, which are ideal for showcasing interactive toy demonstrations and enhancing the overall shopping experience for children and parents alike.
  • Brilliant Product Pairing: Encourage additional purchases and upsell opportunities with Kalles' 'Frequently Bought Together' feature, which is particularly beneficial for toy and doll websites where customers often seek complementary items for their purchases.
  • Versatile Layouts for Impact: Kalles provides flexible layout options to showcase toys and dolls in various styles, allowing you to create visually appealing product displays that resonate with your target audience of children and parents.
  • Customizable Store Design: With extensive customization options, Kalles enables you to create online store tailored to your toy and doll business. This ensures that your website reflects your brand's identity and effectively appeals to your target market.

2. Toytown


This is one of the finest options if you're searching for a toy store theme tailored for younger children. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly customize the three distinct home page styles to suit your preferences. It is designed with younger children in mind and boasts a clean, light color scheme, child-friendly typography, and intuitive shopping features.

You can showcase and sell various kids' products, including Barbie doll clothing, children's apparel, toys, and educational materials. The theme offers convenient features such as a blog section, coupon area, and wishlists for shoppers, enabling them to plan their purchases effectively. 

Functionality-wise, it excels with compatibility across all browsers and responsive designs optimized for seamless browsing on mobile devices and desktops. Furthermore, you can elevate your store's visual appeal with a stunning slider featuring captivating images and the option to add unlimited banners.

Key features

  • Product Slider Module: Display your top-selling and most appealing toy and doll products prominently on your website's homepage or product pages. This enhances product visibility and encourages potential customers to make purchases, ultimately driving sales and revenue for your toy and doll store.
  • Countdown Timer for Deal Highlighting: This tool increases conversion rates and drives sales by leveraging the psychological principle of scarcity, making it an effective tool for boosting revenue in your toy and doll store.

3. Toyc 


    This exceptional theme presents a variety of styles tailored for your toy store, making it an optimal selection. It boasts full responsiveness and supports a parallax design, ensuring seamless navigation for your visitors. The theme enhances loading speed with its clean and minimalist aesthetics, contributing to an enhanced customer experience and ultimately driving higher revenue through reduced cart abandonment rates and increased order value.

    Moreover, it offers additional features that elevate its appeal to toy shops. Integration with Google Maps enables visitors to locate your physical store, facilitating in-store pickups for pre-orders and enhancing customer convenience. Its multilingual and multicurrency capabilities also allow international sales, expanding your reach to a global audience.

    Key features

    • Enhanced Product Search: Offer an intuitive and efficient product search functionality that lets visitors quickly find the toys and dolls they're looking for
    • Wishlist Feature: Incorporate wishlist functionality into your store, allowing customers to save their favorite toys and dolls for future purchase consideration. This feature enhances user engagement, encourages repeat visits, and facilitates personalized shopping experiences, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    4. Magic World

    Magic World

    Magic World is designed to mirror the layout of major online retailers, featuring prominent content blocks throughout the page. With its vibrant colors and easily navigable content, you can effortlessly guide customers to your website's most important products and information.

    The fully responsive theme ensures a seamless viewing experience on all mobile phones and tablets. Adding search functionality lets visitors find specific products quickly, boosting your order values.

    Integrated blogging capabilities keep visitors updated on the latest news, releases, and promotions while driving traffic to your website. Utilizing the slider option, you can efficiently showcase various information and products in one space, directing customers to specific offers without requiring them to scroll elsewhere. Additionally, sorting options enable customers to prioritize products that best suit their needs.

    Key features

    • Social Integration: Magic World offers numerous social options, expanding your avenues to connect with customers through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This enables you to engage with your audience in diverse ways, fostering stronger relationships and driving traffic to your website.
    • Google Maps Integration: With built-in Google Maps functionality, customers can quickly locate your physical store, enhancing convenience and encouraging in-person visits. This feature is particularly beneficial for toy and doll stores offering pre-order and collection services, as customers can quickly find your store for order pick-ups.

    5. Kinder


    Customize your website effortlessly to align perfectly with your brand identity using Kinder, an exceptional Shopify theme tailored for toy shops. Plus, access a collection of free stock photos included with the theme, ideal for new businesses seeking high-quality visuals.

    Enhance your sales strategy with the striking slider function integrated into the theme, seamlessly blending with your website's design for a cohesive user experience. Expand your reach globally with built-in multi-currency options, enabling you to sell internationally without hassle. Additionally, boost product visibility and sales by assigning specific badges like sale discounts, new arrivals, or bestseller tags to highlight key offerings.

    Deliver exceptional customer satisfaction with convenient sorting options that allow users to rearrange product listings effortlessly without reloading the page. This streamlined shopping experience ensures customer expectations are exceeded, fostering loyalty and driving conversions.

    Key features

    • Responsive Design: Ensure your toy and doll Shopify website stands out with a responsive design offering an optimal browsing experience for your visitors.
    • Online Chat Facilities: Engage with your customers effortlessly through integrated online chat facilities. Foster real-time interaction and build stronger relationships to drive sales on your Shopify toy and doll website.
    • Optimized Responsiveness: Elevate your toy and doll Shopify website's performance with optimized responsiveness. This ensures consistent functionality and visual appeal across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, enhancing user satisfaction and sales.

    6. Sunrise


    Sunrise is more than just suitable for any toy store; it's tailor-made for online toy shops. Its vibrant colors, captivating design, and seamless functionality make it the perfect choice for stores with diverse product ranges.

    Utilize the promotional banner tool to highlight your newest deals or promotions, enticing customers with compelling messages that spark urgency. Furthermore, the slideshow feature enables you to display multiple branded images or products on your homepage, enriching the shopping journey for your visitors. Sunrise guarantees a user-friendly and immersive browsing experience for your customers.

    Key features

    • Variety of Styles: Explore four unique styles within the theme, providing options that suit toy and doll stores' playful and imaginative atmosphere.
    • Grid Layouts for Product Showcase: Grid-style layouts are tailored to effectively showcase toys and dolls, allowing for visually appealing displays that highlight the diversity of your inventory.
    • SEO Optimization: The theme's SEO optimization ensures that your toy and doll store ranks well in search engine results, increasing visibility and attracting potential customers searching for related products.

    7. Baby Planet

    Baby Planet

    Baby Planet is an excellent option for brands specializing in toys, clothing, and related accessories. This theme ensures a seamless experience across all devices and features soft, neutral tones ideal for young children. With customizable elements and professionally crafted designs, you can enhance your website's functionality and engagement levels.

    Facilitating easy navigation, Baby Planet offers robust mega menus, contributing to enhanced user experiences and potentially increased revenues through effective signposting. Moreover, this Shopify theme provides comprehensive product search functionalities, making it particularly suitable for stores with extensive catalogs. Its currency exchange system also caters to global trading, allowing you to display prices in multiple currencies.

    Key features

    • Newsletter Popup Integration: Capture the details of interested visitors and expand your email subscriber list effortlessly, allowing you to nurture leads and drive repeat sales. This feature is especially beneficial for toy and doll websites, as it helps build a loyal customer base 
    • Order Tracking Capabilities: This feature is crucial for toy and doll websites as it allows customers to track their purchases, ensuring a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.

    8. Kutty Kids

    Kutty Kids

    This Shopify theme for toy shops targets an older age group, with colors that resonate well with that demographic. The vibrant hues aim to capture the attention of this specific market segment. The theme boasts extensive functionality, making it ideal for toy shops catering to young children. It offers five styles of mega menus to facilitate easy navigation for visitors, search functionality, and a newsletter popup.

    Moreover, the theme includes a quick view option for customers browsing the main shop page, allowing them to preview products without leaving the page. Depending on your preference, you can display products in either a grid or list format, with the grid format being particularly suitable for stores with a wide range of products.

    To drive sales, the theme incorporates compelling features such as a countdown timer to create urgency around deals. Additionally, there's a reviews app available to foster trust and credibility between you and your audience.

    Key features

    • Robust Admin Center: The theme's powerful admin center meets the specific needs of toy and doll retailers, providing intuitive tools for efficiently managing product listings, inventory, and customer interactions.
    • International Expansion: Designed with internationalization in mind, this theme enables toy and doll stores to reach a global audience. It offers multi-currency support and localization features to cater to diverse markets and expand online potential.
    • Wishlist Functionality: With built-in wishlist functionality, the theme enhances the shopping experience for toy and doll customers, allowing them to save their favorite products for future purchase consideration. This feature fosters customer engagement and loyalty, driving repeat visits and sales.

    9. Booster


      Booster is an impressive Shopify theme with features usually found in premium apps, saving you over $3000 on subscription costs. With Booster, not only do you get a lightning-fast website that loads in under a second, but also enhanced profitability.

      The theme boasts countdown timers, call-to-action builders, social proof, popup builders, and more, all of which aim to reduce abandoned carts and increase revenue from your existing traffic. Booster offers versatile customization options, allowing you to personalize your website with colors and elements to create a child-friendly online experience.

      Key features

      • Improved SEO Capabilities: Boost your online visibility and improve search engine rankings with enhanced SEO features, drawing in more potential customers to your toy and doll store.
      • User-Friendly Design Tools: Easily create and customize your website with intuitive design tools, making it effortless to build a visually appealing and engaging online store tailored to your brand and audience.

      How to Enhance Your Toy Store’s Online Presence

      Here are some key strategies to enhance your online presence and turn clicks into loyal customers:

      Crafting a Captivating Website:

      • Shopify Website Theme: This is your foundation. Choose a theme for toy stores, prioritizing bright colors, high-quality product images, clear navigation, and mobile responsiveness (see our previous blog post, "Choosing the Perfect Plaything: Must-Haves in a Toy and Doll Store Shopify Theme" for a detailed breakdown).
      • Product Descriptions that Spark Imagination: Go beyond just listing features. Employ captivating words that vividly describe the enjoyable and educational adventures your toys provide. Consider incorporating age recommendations and highlighting award wins or educational value.
      • High-Resolution Product Photos: Showcase your toys in all their glory! Use multiple photos from different angles, and consider lifestyle shots that depict children playing with the toys.
      • Categorization and Search Functionality: Organize toys by age group, brand, type (educational, active play, etc.), and implement a user-friendly search bar with filters.
      • Wishlist and Gift Registry Features: These functionalities are lifesavers for parents planning birthday parties or holidays. Offer them a seamless way to create and share wishlists or registries.

      Content is King (and Queen):

      • Blog for Engaged Parents: Create a blog section with informative and engaging content. Offer toy reviews, age-appropriate activity ideas, parenting tips, or gift guides for various occasions.
      • Social Media Magic: Be active on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Share playful content, showcase new arrivals, run interactive contests, and engage with your audience. Utilize high-quality visuals and captivating captions.
      • Embrace Video Content: Toy demonstrations, reviews, or stop-motion animation featuring your products can be incredibly engaging, especially for younger audiences. Consider creating short videos for social media or your website.

      Building Trust and Customer Loyalty:

      • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Positive reviews from satisfied customers build trust with potential buyers. Motivate customers to share their feedback and display their reviews on your site.
      • Exceptional Customer Service: Respond quickly to questions, provide helpful guidance, and go above and beyond to solve any problems. Creating a positive customer experience fosters loyalty and encourages customers to return.
      • Loyalty Programs and Promotions: Reward your customers for their continued support. Offer loyalty programs with points or discounts, run special promotions during holidays or back-to-school season, or provide exclusive deals to email subscribers.

      Optimizing for Search Engines:

      • SEO Savvy: Optimize your website content and product descriptions with relevant keywords to improve your ranking in search engine results. This increases your chances of parents finding your store when searching for specific toys.
      • Embrace Google My Business: Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. Ensure your store information is accurate, include high-quality photos, and encourage customer reviews. This helps your store appear in local search results.

      Remember, it's more than just selling toys; it's about capturing imaginations, fostering connections with parents, and building a thriving online community around the joy of play.  So, unleash your creativity, embrace the power of digital tools, and watch your online toy store become a playground for success!

      Examples of Successful Toy Stores Using Our Recommended Themes

      1. Milk Tooth - Baby toys

      Milk Tooth - Baby toys

      Kath's home-based venture, Milk Tooth, swiftly found success. The store caters to children's decor and toy needs and has garnered attention from various publications, such as Home Beautiful, Minty Magazine, and The Herald Sun.

      Offering a diverse array of items, including plush toys, wooden playthings, dolls, baskets, and home decor, Milk Tooth ensures a delightful experience for children. Email marketing is a crucial promotional tool that disseminates customer rewards and updates.

      Their user-friendly navigation, organized alphabetically from A to Z, simplifies brand searches for customers.

      2. Rocket Baby - Italy baby products

      Rocket Baby - Italy baby products

      Rocket Baby, an Italian-based Shopify store, offers a wide range of stylish baby products crafted from premium Italian materials, ensuring utmost comfort.

      Their homepage features Instagram posts, providing a glimpse into their trendy offerings. The store's extensive collection is evident with endless browsing capabilities for product categories. Additionally, dynamic images within the categories enhance the shopping experience.

      Customize Your Theme with EComposer

      The EComposer Page Builder stands out as an excellent choice for customizing Shopify themes for toy and doll stores. It offers a versatile drag-and-drop editor that allows merchants to swiftly create various page types and sections without the need for multiple third-party apps. With optimized speed tools and round-the-clock live chat support, EComposer ensures consistent store performance and exceptional customer service.

      EComposer Page Builder

      Renowned for its rich customization options, user-friendly interface, and distinctive features, EComposer empowers merchants to create unique and visually appealing online stores. Its responsive design and device-specific customization capabilities enhance the user experience, making it a top choice for customizing Shopify themes for toy and doll stores.

      Key features

      • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your template is optimized for mobile devices, offering a smooth and engaging browsing experience across various screen sizes. This focus on mobile responsiveness is crucial for improving conversion rates and retaining users, especially considering the young audience of toy and doll shoppers who often browse on mobile devices.
      • Diverse Pre-designed Layouts: Access a vast library of over 100 pre-designed pages and layouts, including 260+ sections and 90+ elements. This wide range of choices gives you many design options to make visually attractive and practical pages for your toy and doll store, meeting the varied tastes of your customers.
      • Seamless Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with both default and premium Shopify themes, ensuring that your toy and doll store's theme can quickly adapt to your specific branding and business requirements. This compatibility allows for effortless customization and additions to enhance your theme's functionality, providing your customers a cohesive and tailored online shopping experience.
      • Enhanced Analytics: Utilize more than 20 extensions, like advanced analytics tools, to monitor how your website performs and how users interact. By examining essential metrics such as page views, bounce, and conversion rates, you can better understand customer preferences and enhance your site to boost sales and engagement.
      • AI-powered Content Generation: Integrate ChatGPT for AI-powered content generation, streamlining the process of creating compelling pages for your toy and doll store. 

      Read more:

      Ultimate Guide to Add Custom Liquid Section in Shopify

      Basic guide to use EComposer 

      Step 1: Install EComposer Landing Page Builder app in the Shopify App Store.

      Install EComposer Landing Page Builder

      Step 2: Access the EComposer Landing Page Builder app in your store admin panel. Start creating various page types such as Landing pages, Home pages, Product pages, Collection pages, Blog lists, Blog posts, FAQ pages, and other standard pages.

      Read more: 

      Step 3: Utilize the robust selection of sections available and leverage the customization options provided. Add, edit, and arrange sections to craft unique and engaging pages according to your preferences.

      Take the example of customizing Shopify Theme Sections. You can follow these steps:

      • Access the Theme Editor: Go to your Shopify admin dashboard and select 'Online Store,' then 'Themes.' Click the 'Customize' button for the theme you want to edit.
      Access the Theme Editor
      • Choose a Section: The Theme Editor lists sections in a sidebar on the left. Click on a section to start customizing it. This gives you access to specific customization options for that section.
      • Edit Section Content: After selecting a section, the right sidebar displays tailored customization options. You can edit content, adjust settings, and refine the design to match your brand's vision. Depending on the section, you can change colors, fonts, or layout settings.
      • Add a New Section: Look for the 'Add section' button on the editor's left sidebar. Click the button, choose the type of section you want, and click 'Add.'
      • Reorder Sections: To rearrange your store's page sections, click and drag the section you want to move in the left sidebar. Drop it where you want it placed.
      • Remove a Section: To delete a section, select it from the left sidebar and click 'Remove section.'
      Remove a Section:
          • Preview and Save Changes: Once you're satisfied with the new look, click 'Save' at the top right corner of the Theme Editor. This will apply the changes to your store, revealing your updated design.

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          Are Shopify themes for toy stores SEO-friendly?

          Yes, many Shopify themes for toy stores are designed with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. They include features such as customizable meta tags, clean code, and mobile responsiveness, which can help improve your store's visibility and ranking in search engine results.

          Can I customize the design and layout of a Shopify theme for my toy store?

          Yes, most Shopify themes offer extensive customization options that allow you to tailor the design and layout to match your brand identity. You can customize colors, fonts, imagery, and layout elements to create a unique and branded look for your toy store.

          Do Shopify themes for toy stores support integration with third-party apps and services?

          Yes, many Shopify themes for toy stores support integration with various third-party apps and services, including marketing automation tools, email marketing platforms, inventory management systems, and more. These integrations can help enhance the functionality of your toy store and streamline your business operations.

          Are Shopify themes for toy stores optimized for mobile devices?

          Yes, most Shopify themes for toy stores are designed to be fully responsive, meaning they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. This ensures that your toy store looks and functions great on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, providing a positive shopping experience for all users.

          How can I get started with a Shopify theme for my toy store?

          To get started with a Shopify theme for your toy store, browse the Shopify Theme Store or reputable third-party theme developers to find themes specifically designed for toy stores. Once you've chosen a theme, purchase and install it on your Shopify store, and then customize the design, layout, and features to create a compelling and engaging online shopping experience for your customers.


          The perfect Shopify website theme for your toy and doll store is the bridge between captivating children's imaginations and winning over parents' hearts. By prioritizing the features and functionalities outlined above, you can create an online space that fosters a love for play and entices customers to add your store to their favorites.

          Remember, this curated list of top picks is just a starting point. Explore the Shopify Theme Store or reputable marketplaces to discover a theme that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and target audience.

          So, don't wait!  With the right Shopify website theme for toys and dolls, you can transform your online store into a wonderland of discovery, driving sales and sparking joy for children and parents alike. Happy browsing and happy selling!

          EComposer is the perfect tool to streamline the customization process, empowering merchants to craft storefronts that truly reflect their brand identities. By effectively using these resources, businesses can enhance their online presence and succeed in today's competitive digital environment.

          Try EComposer for FREE!

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