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Wondering how the GemPages page builder app truly performs? 

Dive into our comprehensive evaluation to uncover its pros and cons. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of GemPages, clearly understanding its features, functionality, and overall performance. 

Whether you're considering using GemPages for your website or simply curious about its capabilities, this review will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

About GemPages Landing Page Builder

GemPages review

Introduced in 2017 to aid eCommerce endeavors, GemPages is explicitly designed for merchants who want to create their Shopify web page quickly and without coding expertise. Like other page builder apps, it features customizable templates and a clean interface with various page types for store design.

The notable attribute that sets GemPages apart is the AI-powered tools tailored to create conversion-focused pages for marketing campaigns.

Key Features of GemPages

As mentioned above, GemPages stands out because of its specially tailored tools. One of the most popular features is AI-powered Image to Layout, which attempts to automatically generate a page layout based on an image you upload. Along with that is A/B testing and other AI assistance that offer comprehensive features for your store building; however, these come with a cost.

The page builder app also provides different pricing plans with various features that serve customers' needs.

Down here is a table of GemPage key features and Pricing Plan; take a look:



Pricing Plan Overview

Free plan

Paid plan 1

Paid plan 2

Paid plan 3

1 published page


Unlimited published pages with 300 built-in sections


Unlimited published pages and built-in sections


Unlimited pages and features

Main Features 

Page types supported 

  • Product Page
  • Landing Page
  • Home Page
  • Collection Page
  • Blog Post
  • Other custom pages

Blog List Page

Search Page

Section Builder


Product Quick View

Global blocks

Built-in extensions

Sticky Add to Cart

3rd-party integrations


Page templates


Section templates







Live chat Support

Reviews/ Ratings

4.9/5 ⭐ 3,974

The table of critical features should be considered before choosing a page builder app. Now, let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages GemPages brings to online store owners.

Pros of GemPages

Here is a brief overview of Pros and Cons of GemPages: 



Robust AI-powered features like Image-to-Layout or GemMeter

Lack of templates library caters for different industries and types of pages

Faster loading speed with automatic image compression & CDN

No global blocks feature

Diverse in Documents and Tutorials

There are no built-in analytic tools

Offer Live Chat Support but not 24/7

Let’s now explore how GemPages offers a range of benefits that make it one of the standout choices for enhancing Shopify store design and functionality.

1. Robust AI-Powered Features

One of GemPages' biggest strengths is its robust suite of AI-powered features. These include the innovative AI-powered Image to Layout tool, which can automatically generate a page layout based on a reference image you provide. 

GemPages review

Additionally, GemPages offers A/B testing to help you optimize your pages for conversions. Their GemMeter support provides data insights for building your landing page, ensuring it's data-driven and conversion-focused. However, it would help if you upgraded to paid plans in GemPages to utilize these advanced features.

2. Optimize Page Loading Speed

Apart from optimizing the Loading speed with Lazy Load and clean code like other apps, GemPages boasts impressive page loading speeds thanks to its integration with a high-speed Content Delivery Network (CDN). This powerful tool caches your content and delivers it rapidly to customers worldwide, ensuring a stable, responsive, and scalable online store that keeps your visitors happy and engaged.

GemPages review

3. Diverse in Documents and Tutorials

GemPages caters to all learning styles with a comprehensive library of documentation and tutorials. The free plan offers access to GemAcademy Basic, which includes helpful blog posts and video tutorials to get you started. Additionally, paid plans unlock GemAcademy Premium, featuring content tailored to paying customers, ensuring you have the resources to leverage GemPages' potential.

GemPages review

While GemPages boasts advantages, it is critical to weigh any potential downsides to determine whether they suit your unique requirements and tastes. 

Cons of GemPages

Through what users of GemPages have experienced and reviewed on the Shopify App Store, here are some downsides that merchants have suffered from this app: 

1. Limited Template Variety Across Industries and Page Types

While GemPages offers templates to jumpstart your page building, the selection might feel restrictive.  With only around 80 templates, the majority cater to landing pages, leaving a limited pool of options for other page types. This lack of variety can be frustrating for users seeking a wider range of design choices for their own industries or special occasions.  Furthermore, the absence of essential templates like Blog List Pages, Search Pages, and even "Coming Soon" pages means you'll need to build these functionalities from scratch, potentially hindering your website's overall user experience.

GemPages review

2. Absence of Global Blocks Feature

GemPages review

While GemPages excels in conversion optimization, it lacks a "Global Blocks" feature. This means you can't create reusable sections like headers, footers, or CTAs that automatically update your entire store. This can lead to repetitive editing and consistency in branding if you need to make changes to these elements on multiple pages. 

*Just let you know, Global Blocks is different from Section Builder. 

- Global Blocks focus on reusability, allowing users to create pre-designed elements like headers, footers, and call-to-action sections for insertion into multiple pages throughout the website. 

- Conversely, Section Builder focuses on page-specific design, providing more flexibility to customize each page with unique sections and layouts using a drag-and-drop interface.

To understand more, please click Here

3. Lack of Built-in Analytics and Content Generator Tools

While GemPages excels at building conversion-oriented pages with features like AI-powered layout and A/B testing, it needs more critical functionalities for a comprehensive solution. The lack of integrated analytics prevents users from obtaining important information about user behavior and website performance, which makes it challenging to make data-driven decisions and efficiently optimize pages. 

GemPages review

Furthermore, lacking a content generation tool means users are responsible for crafting all written content themselves. This might necessitate integrating a separate solution for businesses seeking an all-in-one platform for page building, content creation, and performance analysis.

4. Live Chat Support Limitation

While GemPages offers live chat support on any plan, it’s not 24/7, and users frequently report experiencing lengthy delays in receiving responses. Waits can reportedly extend for hours, hindering timely troubleshooting or assistance with technical issues. This lack of readily available support can be a significant drawback for businesses requiring prompt assistance to maintain website uptime and campaign effectiveness.

Now, let's delve into the GemPages pricing breakdown to understand its cost structure comprehensively.

GemPages Pricing Breakdown

GemPages review

GemPages' pricing structure is similar to its competitors'. It offers a free plan for primary use and paid tiers that unlock features like unlimited pages and A/B testing as you upgrade.

Free Plan:

Designed for individuals and early-stage startups, the free GemPages plan offers a taste of the platform but with limitations. You can build a single webpage, which is ideal for a landing page or an "About Us" section. 

While you get a drag-and-drop builder for essential editing freedom, this free tier lacks the section builder and other advanced features in paid plans. But if you wish for conversion optimization features in paid plans, it should be noted that you can not downgrade.

Build Plan - $29 a month:

Targeting established businesses and those ready to scale, the Build Plan unlocks a broader range of functionalities than the free tier. It empowers you to customize pre-built templates for various page types and gives you access to their template library for a diverse design foundation.  

This plan also introduces powerful features like AI-powered "Image-to-Layout" for faster page creation, 20 theme sections for building custom layouts, and A/B testing to optimize conversion rates with image compression to help ensure fast loading times. However, the Build Plan doesn't include the "Instant Landing Page" feature for quick page creation found in higher tiers.

Optimize Plan - $59 a month:

Geared towards growing stores with ambitious scaling plans, the Grow Plan removes limitations on creating pages, such as the "Instant Landing Page," for faster page creation but with a traffic limitation to manage resource allocation. This empowers you to create targeted campaigns and optimize your website's conversion funnel.

You'll have access to 100 theme sections for even greater flexibility in building custom layouts that resonate with your target audience. While this plan offers live chat support for troubleshooting, it's not yet prioritized. It's essential to consider the price jump compared to other similar apps. The cost might outweigh the benefits for smaller stores just starting out compared to the lower-tier plans.

Enterprise Plan - $199 a month:

Designed for enterprises seeking complete control and priority support, this high-priced plan offers access to all features included in the Optimize package and unlimited functionalities provided by the app. However, despite the array of features, the price remains notably high compared to other Shopify page builders, depending on the application's unique offerings.

Is GemPages a Suitable Choice for you?

1. Who is suitable?

GemPages is suitable for individuals or businesses seeking an edge solution for page conversion focused without the need for deep knowledge on coding expertise.

If optimizing conversions on specific pages like landing pages is your primary goal, GemPages could be a suitable choice with its AI-powered features to create data-driven, targeted pages specifically designed to drive sales.

GemPages is well-suited for individuals or small businesses with moderate technical proficiency seeking extra features for their marketing campaigns like A/B testing or CND Speed optimization.

2. Who is it NOT Suitable for?

GemPages Review

While GemPages offers a compelling suite of features, it might not be the ideal fit for every business. Here's a breakdown of merchants who might want to explore alternative solutions:

- Budget-conscious businesses: For businesses still exploring their conversion optimization needs, GemPages' inflexible subscription model presents a challenge. Initially, upgrading to a higher-tier plan may seem necessary, but as strategies refine, unused features may become excessive. Financial hardship may result from this, particularly for organizations that are seasonal and have varying demands.

- Prioritizing Ease of Store Design: It's essential to acknowledge only pre-made templates are not enough, the considerable effort required in crafting individual blocks or sections that share similarities. Repeating this process for each page design in GemPages consumes significant time and effort, leading to repetitive struggles. The lack of a content generator tool is also a minus when it comes to designing a page.

- Tracking and Analytics Requirements: Despite Gempages' array of optimization tools, the absence of analytics is notable. Essential for businesses, analytics enable tracking and analyzing customer behavior, pivotal for making informed decisions and driving store improvement. This could necessitate workarounds or using additional third-party tools.

- Newcomers and lack of technical expertise individuals: While GemPages boasts powerful features, its true potential might be out of reach for complete beginners or those with limited technical knowledge. Furthermore, the reported slow response times for live chat support can significantly hinder the design process.  If immediate assistance is crucial for troubleshooting or navigating functionalities, the wait times could become a major frustration, especially for those unfamiliar with these tools.

GemPages Alternative


Distinguishing itself from competitors, EComposer provides a wide range of features, comprising a vast collection of page layouts, section templates, and elements. Additionally, EComposer integrates exclusive extensions that are also aimed at increasing sales and optimize conversion rate without requiring additional third-party apps.


By prioritizing store speed enhancement, creating appealing landing pages, and enhancing the overall page experience, EComposer emerges as the top option for businesses in search of comprehensive solutions for their Shopify stores.

Enhance your ecommerce ventures with EComposer—try it for free! For those without a Shopify account, seize a special deal: only $1 per month for the initial three months. 

Get EComposer NOW!

1. EComposer's Outstanding Features Over GemPages

Extensive Built-in Extensions: 

Not only AI-powered tools like AI Content Generator,  EComposer Landing Page Builder also offers an extensive range of embedded add-ons to fulfill customer requirements. Built directly into the platform, the app offers outstanding features and over 25 additional extensions without relying on third-party integrations while still ensuring seamless functionalities. 


In addition to just focusing on conversion optimization, EComposer's built-in integrations are comprehensive, covering cross-selling and even including CRO elements for setup and management. This ensures a streamlined workflow without the need to search for compatible apps elsewhere.

If  you still have a need for other apps, EComposer also provides around 50+ third-party integrations, connecting with essential tools for most businesses. The app covers the core functionalities needed for running an online store. Additionally, these partners offer a variety of discounts or vouchers if you use both apps to build a page.

SEO & Speed Enhancement Features

Unlike GemPages, EComposer steps forward in optimizing page performance with both loading speed and SEO enhancement. The app emphasizes clean code and efficient design to minimize page bloat and enhance loading speeds. EComposer also offers lazy loading for images, ensuring they load only when scrolled over, reducing initial page load times. 


Additionally, EComposer features a built-in SEO Audit tool, allowing users to monitor and improve their SEO directly within the interface, while GemPages doesn’t have any feature or integration related to show you your page SEO’s score to improve further. Moreover, EComposer collaborates with SearchPie to enhance advanced SEO capabilities, providing additional value without extra costs.


Vast Array of Pre-Designed Templates

It can't be denied that EComposer stands out for its extensive collection of pre-designed templates, which boasts up to around 200 options, 1000+ section layouts, and unlimited element presets that keep adding up. EComposer offers a wide variety of high-quality templates that cater to diverse industries and page types. With a combined real-time preview and responsive design, EComposer is a great choice for those seeking a beautiful and functional starting point, especially for beginners.


Unlike GemPages, EComposer not only offers an extensive range of templates but also caters to various page types, including landing pages, home pages, product pages, and specialized custom pages like Cart Page, Password Page, Newsletter, and Search Page. Additionally, EComposer consistently updates its template library to provide customers with tailored options for boosting sales, especially during special occasions.

2. EComposer's Unique Features Versus GemPages

More Flexible Pricing Plans

EComposer stands out from Gempages in terms of pricing plan flexibility. Not only does EComposer offer affordable options suitable for various budget levels and business scales, but it also allows customers to upgrade or downgrade their plan when needed but still promised to not affect heavily on customers' live-pages. Following EComposer's guide ensures customers can avoid any unnecessary financial burdens.


Moreover, GemPage’s highest plan with its features compared to other page builders is relatively high at $199 per month. Unlike GemPages, EComposer costs only a half of the price of GemPage’s at the highest tier for most of the equivalent features and even more. This includes all of the boost sales extensions, free apps integrated, Customer Success Manager and Global Block, which are essential features that GemPages doesn’t have even in its highest plan.

Extraordinary Customer Support

It's evident from customer reviews that EComposer surpasses GemPages in providing comprehensive assistance throughout the page-building process. While GemPages has recently received numerous negative reviews, including a total of around 100 ratings of one to three-star ratings, due to its lack of support and effort in addressing customer issues, EComposer shines with an outstanding 5.0-star service review on the Shopify App Store.


EComposer prioritizes exceptional customer support across all plans, ensuring you have a helping hand whenever you need it.  This means that regardless of whether you're on a free plan or a paid tier, you have access to multiple support channels.  

From comprehensive written guides and tutorials to 24/7 live chat support directly within the platform or on the website, EComposer empowers you to quickly resolve any technical issues that might arise. This commitment to readily available support ensures a smooth workflow and minimizes downtime, allowing you to focus on running your business.


Exceptional Features

EComposer exclusively offers a set of distinctive features unmatched by any other page builder app currently available:

- Global Blocks: This is a major advantage. Using global blocks, you may make pre-made parts that can be added to various pages across your website, such as headers, footers, call-to-action sections, or product carousels. By guaranteeing uniformity throughout your whole store and making modifications to key aspects simple, this may save you a ton of time and work. 


- Page Analytics:  EComposer provides up to 5 key analytics tools right in the EComposer app. The program will monitor the performance of your page automatically after installation. You can view all reported metrics of any EComposer page to optimize your pages for better conversions


- Content AI Generator (ChatGPT Integration): Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, this innovative feature assists in crafting product descriptions, marketing copy, and other content for your store. Its time-saving capabilities are invaluable, particularly for busy store owners seeking efficiency in their operations.


In summary, EComposer is the most feature-rich Shopify page builder app, making building your website fast & easy. EComposer stands out from other Shopify page builders for its dedicated customer-centric support and user-friendly UX and UI. 

Wrap up

GemPages, while recognized as one of the leading page builders for small and medium-scale projects due to its AI-powered tools and focus on conversion, falls short of its full potential due to certain limitations.

Instead of settling for compromises, why not choose EComposer, which offers all the benefits without any drawbacks? 

EComposer emerges as a compelling alternative to GemPages, providing a robust feature set tailored to enhance your Shopify store. With seamless theme compatibility, extensive customization options, and exceptional customer support, EComposer is the top choice for companies seeking a cost-effective page builder solution that is both powerful and user-friendly. Give EComposer a try today and take your online store to new heights!

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