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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have arrived again. These two days alone can make or break an entire year for online businesses. According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday 2022 set new records, with online spending surging to $11.3 billion, marking a remarkable 5.8% increase compared to the previous year. And what's the secret weapon that separates the big winners from the rest? It's a high-converting landing page, your digital storefront, your one chance to dazzle and delight potential buyers.

In this blog, we'll unveil the art of crafting a landing page for BFCM that captures attention and converts it into sales at an astonishing rate. Get ready to boost your BFCM sales and leave a mark that lasts long after the discounts fade. Stay tuned!

What is BFCM and its importance in eCommerce?

What does BFCM stand for?

what is BFCM?

BFCM is an acronym for "Black Friday and Cyber Monday." It refers to a significant shopping event that occurs annually, typically at the end of November, following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving and is known for in-store sales and doorbuster deals. It reflects the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season, with many retailers offering discounts on various products.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, falls on the Monday immediately following Black Friday. It primarily focuses on online shopping, and retailers offer significant discounts and promotions on their websites. Cyber Monday has become synonymous with online deals and is a day when many consumers shop for holiday gifts while seated comfortably at home or workplaces.

Together, Black Friday and Cyber Monday create a shopping frenzy that is eagerly anticipated by both consumers and retailers, making it a significant period for merchants to drive up sales and for shoppers to find attractive discounts.

Highlighted statistics of BFCM 2022

The report from Adobe Analytics and NRF shows some remarkable numbers:

- In Cyber Monday 2022, online spending reached an impressive $11.3 billion, marking a notable 5.8% increase compared to the figures from 2021.

- Black Friday sales also achieved a new milestone, with shoppers contributing $9.12 billion to online sales, reflecting a 2.3% uptick compared to the previous year.

- Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a substantial 196.7 million consumers engaged in online and in-store shopping activities.

- On Black Friday, an estimated 87.2 million consumers opted for online shopping, while on Cyber Monday, this number reached 77 million.

- Mobile sales experienced significant growth, representing a remarkable 55% of online sales on Thanksgiving and 51% throughout Cyber Week, per findings.

- In 2022, a remarkable 76% of consumers participated in shopping activities, both online and in physical stores, during the BFCM period. This exceeded earlier forecasts and marked a substantial increase from the 70% participation rate in 2021.

How vital is BFCM in eCommerce?

Black friday Cyber monday importance

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) hold immense significance in the world of eCommerce for several reasons:

Sales Surge

BFCM represents a significant boost in business sales, accounting for a substantial annual revenue. Shoppers actively seek deals during this time, resulting in a purchase surge. Businesses that effectively capitalize on BFCM can experience a remarkable increase in their sales figures.

Customer Acquisition

It offers an opportunity to attract and convert new customers seeking deals during this period. The influx of traffic allows businesses to introduce their brand to a broader audience. A seamless and satisfying shopping experience can lead to customer retention beyond the holiday season.

Inventory Clearance 

Retailers can strategically clear out excess or older inventory by offering discounts, reducing storage costs, and making space for new products. BFCM allows businesses to optimize their inventory, ensuring they are kept from unsold stock at the end of the year.

Brand Visibility

Participation in BFCM promotions increases a brand's visibility. With numerous businesses competing for consumer attention, actively promoting products and deals becomes essential. Building brand awareness during this time can leave a lasting impression on shoppers.

Data Insights 

The high transaction volume provides valuable data and customer insights, aiding future marketing strategies and decision-making. Businesses can analyze customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to improve their marketing strategies and improve their offerings in the long term.

Global Reach

BFCM's global appeal allows businesses to tap into international markets and broaden their customer base. While it started in the United States, BFCM has become a worldwide phenomenon. Businesses can use this opportunity to reach customers beyond their borders, expanding their market reach and potentially attracting international clientele.

These benefits highlight the crucial role that BFCM plays in eCommerce, offering businesses a unique opportunity to boost sales, acquire new customers, optimize inventory, enhance brand visibility, gain valuable insights, and expand their global reach.

What is BFCM landing page?

BFCM landing page

A BFCM landing page, also known as a Black Friday Cyber Monday landing page, is a dedicated web page created specifically for promoting and facilitating sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. These landing pages are designed to pique the interest of potential customers and motivate them to take advantage of the special offers, discounts, and promotions that businesses typically run during this highly anticipated shopping weekend.

Why do you need a Shopify landing page for BFCM?

why do we need landing page for black friday?

Focused Shopping Experience

A dedicated landing page offers a focused shopping experience by curating specific deals and promotions. It eliminates distractions, guiding customers toward the best offers, ultimately increasing conversions.

Prominent Deal Showcase

Landing pages prominently showcase BFCM deals, ensuring that customers are immediately greeted with the most enticing offers when they visit your online store. This enhances the visibility of your promotions and drives sales.

Mobile Optimization 

Mobile device optimizing for Landing pages provides a seamless shopping experience for smartphone and tablet users. This mobile responsiveness is crucial for capturing a broad range of customers, especially during BFCM.

Enhanced Visual Appeal 

Landing pages allow for creative design and multimedia elements that make your BFCM promotions visually appealing. Eye-catching graphics and banners capture visitors' attention, making your deals more enticing.

Streamlined Conversion Path

Well-structured landing pages simplify the conversion path, placing call-to-action (CTA) buttons and forms strategically. This minimizes friction, making it easy for shoppers to complete purchases and boosting BFCM sales.

These five benefits underscore the importance of a Shopify landing page for BFCM, as it streamlines the conversion process for maximum success during this critical shopping period.

How to create a high-converting BFCM landing page fast & easily 

Understand the need to build an attractive and optimized BFCM landing page that is still fast and easy for everyone; this blog will guide you on an effective way to create a stunning Black Friday landing page in minutes without any cost - using the Shopify Page Builder App - EComposer.

EComposer is the top Shopify Page Builder that provides excellent solutions for online merchants to create a professional Shopify store with stunning pages. With outstanding features such as crosselling, ajax cart, lazy loading, etc, EComposer empowers users to effortlessly create visually stunning, responsive, high-converting online store pages without coding. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes designing a breeze, while a rich library of pre-designed templates streamlines the process. EComposer offers unparalleled flexibility with dynamic content, mobile optimization, and real-time editing. 

You can build any page type and sections with 100+ elements and 20+ built-in extensions, from landing page, homepage, product page, collection page to footer, FAQ page, etc. In this BFCM season, EComposer released inspired BFCM landing page templates that users can freely customize to suit different niches. Let’s follow the step-by-step guide below to build your own.

First of all, you need to have a Shopify account. If you haven’t had one, sign up now to get exclusive deals from Shopify ($1/ month in 3 months).

Step 1: Install & Open EComposer Landing Page Builder

- In Shopify App Listing, click “Install” EComposer Landing Page Builder

- To start the use of the app, click install one more time in the in-app dashboard

install EComposer landing page builder

- Open EComposer: navigate to EComposer under the “Apps” category in your Shopify admin panel

open EComposer Shopify page builder

Step 2: Create & Customize BFCM Landing Page with EComposer

- In the EComposer app dashboard, click the “Start building” button at the top right corner to start quickly.

How to create a BFCM landing page

- First, select the page type you want to build; this blog is a landing page for BFCM, so you should choose the “Landing & Pages” category.

how to build black friday landing page

- Scroll down; you can see a lot of page templates for you to choose from. They are categorized into different sections: “Newest, popular, Featured, Paid, and free. Preview, then “Select” one suitable template for your Shopify store. 

choose Shopify black friday landing page template

- Hit the “Next” button to continue

create Shopify black friday template

- Name the page, then choose “Start building” to create your Shopify BFCM landing page with EComposer.

create BFCM landing page

- Choose “Insert”

landing page for BFCM

- In the EComposer editor, you can customize the template to suit your brand using elements and extensions. From the left sidebar, drag & drop the selected element into the desired location, then customize it as you want.

Landing page for black friday

- Besides, if you want to change any details in the template, hover over the part you want to edit and click on the editing pen; the editing section is on the left. You can change the text in the “Content” category and custom colors or alignment in the “Design” section.

customize black friday landing page

Step 3: Save & Publish

After that, select the “Publish” button at the top right corner, then choose “Save & publish” to save your changes. 

save and publish Shopify BFCM landing page

- If you want to build a BFCM landing page from scratch, look at the comprehensive guide here: How to design a Must-Click Landing page in Shopify

Top Shopify Apps for win big BFCM

Check out the best Shopify apps for winning BFCM, and don’t miss the opportunity to get exclusive deals from top Shopify apps to elevate your online stores and maximize sales this BFCM season.

Best practices for an attractive BFCM landing page

best practice for high-converting BFCM landing page

Attention-Grabbing Headline & Appealing Content

A compelling headline and persuasive content immediately capture visitors' attention and communicate the value of your BFCM offers, increasing their interest in exploring further.

- Headline: Use bold and large text to emphasize the BFCM theme and showcase your most enticing offer or discount.

- Content: Keep it concise, addressing customer pain points and showing how your goods or services can help them with their issues during the BFCM sale.

Eye-Catching Design

An appealing design creates a visually pleasing and immersive experience for visitors, making them more likely to engage with your BFCM promotions and explore your offerings.

- Color Scheme: Use BFCM-related colors (e.g., black, red, and gold) to evoke the holiday shopping spirit.

- Visuals: Include high-quality images and videos of featured products, discounts, and holiday-themed visuals.

- Typography: Choose readable fonts that complement your brand and maintain consistency.

Highlight Deals & Discounts

Clear showcasing of deals and discounts helps visitors quickly understand the value they'll receive, motivating them to take action and make purchases during BFCM.

- Featured Products: Highlight specific products with prominent visuals and details about the discounts.

- Discount Information: Display discount percentages, promo codes, and any special offers prominently.

- Countdown Timer: Use a countdown timer to convey a sense of urgency, indicating the limited time remaining for the BFCM sale.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring mobile responsiveness caters to the growing number of mobile shoppers, enhancing user experience, and expanding your reach to a broader audience.

- Responsive Design: Use responsive web design techniques to adapt the page's layout to different screen sizes.

- Test on Mobile Devices: Make sure the user experience is flawless by thoroughly testing your landing page on various mobile devices.

Customer Experience Optimization

An optimized user experience with fast page loading, simplified navigation, and reduced distractions keeps visitors engaged, leading to higher conversion rates.

- Page Speed: Optimize images and code to improve page loading times, as faster pages lead to better user retention and conversions.

- Simplified Navigation: Remove unnecessary navigation elements and focus on guiding visitors toward the primary CTA.

- Minimize Distractions: Eliminate unrelated content or links that may divert users' attention from your BFCM offers.

- Good Structured Layout: Organize your content in a structured manner, ensuring that key elements like headlines, visuals, and CTAs are strategically placed for easy scanning and comprehension.

Prominent Call to Action

A clear and visible CTA guides visitors on what action to take, reducing friction in the buying process and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

- CTA Placement: Position the CTA button prominently above the fold, ensuring it's one of the first things visitors see.

- Compelling Text: Use action-oriented phrases that resonate with the BFCM theme, such as "Shop Now" or "Get Your Discount."

Strong Social Proof

Incorporating social proof elements, such as reviews and testimonials, builds trust and credibility, reassuring visitors that others have had positive experiences with your BFCM offers.

- Customer Reviews: Feature positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers who have benefited from your BFCM deals.

- Star Ratings: Display star ratings for products or your overall service to assess quality at a glance.

- User-Generated Content (UGC): Showcase real-life images or posts from customers who have shared their BFCM purchases on social media.

By following these best practices and implementing the detailed guidelines for each, you can create a highly effective and high-converting BFCM landing page that engages visitors and drives sales during this important shopping season.

Inspirational BFCM landing page examples 

1. Black Friday Landing Page Template 1

BFCM landing page example

(image source: EComposer premade layout)

Let's look at a remarkable Black Friday Landing Page template crafted with the power of EComposer, the leading Shopify Page Builder. This standout page embodies the essence of a high-converting BFCM landing page. With a captivating design that seamlessly combines festive visuals and bold typography, it immediately captures the sales season. 

The effortless navigation sets it apart, allowing online shoppers to effortlessly explore exclusive deals and discounts. EComposer's user-friendly interface ensures that every element, from attention-grabbing headlines to enticing CTAs, is strategically placed for maximum impact. 

The page radiates a sense of urgency with well-placed countdown timers, and it thrives on a well-structured design with highlighted benefits and the best experience for visitors. This exemplar demonstrates how EComposer empowers businesses to create BFCM landing pages that truly shine, turning visitors into delighted customers.

2. Cyber Monday Template

cyber monday landing page template

This Cyber Monday landing page template excels in several key areas. Firstly, its carefully chosen color scheme instantly grabs visitors' attention. A harmonious blend of eye-catching colors creates a visually appealing and cohesive atmosphere that aligns perfectly with the Cyber Monday shopping vibe. The template also boasts an impressive headline that delivers a clear and enticing message, compelling visitors to explore the deals further. It sets the tone for a successful shopping experience.

Furthermore, adding a countdown timer adds a sense of urgency, nudging visitors to take immediate action and make purchases before the deals expire. This psychological trigger can significantly increase conversion rates. The template's responsive design ensures a seamless shopping experience across various devices. Shoppers can easily browse, click, and purchase, whether using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Lastly, the template is optimized for user experience. It incorporates user-friendly navigation, ensuring visitors can effortlessly find desired products. This level of convenience can lead to higher satisfaction rates and, ultimately, more sales during Cyber Monday.

3. Black Friday Landing Page Template 2

Black friday landing page examples

(image source: EComposer premade layout)

This high-converting landing page template from EComposer offers several key advantages to help you maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. At its core, this template features a captivating headline designed to grab visitors' attention instantly. It's carefully crafted to resonate with your target audience, addressing their desires or pain points.

create landing page for BFCM

Including a prominent countdown timer adds a sense of urgency to the page. This visual element counts down the time remaining for your special offers or promotions, encouraging visitors to act swiftly.

Also, the best deals or featured products take center stage on the landing page. They are showcased with eye-catching visuals, making it irresistible for visitors to explore further. The landing page is thoughtfully designed with a clean and organized layout. Its intuitive structure ensures easy navigation, allowing visitors to swiftly find the information they seek and seamlessly navigate through the content.

Finally, the part of customer testimonials, reviews, or trust signals are strategically incorporated. These positive endorsements from previous customers build trust and credibility, assuring visitors of the reliability and value of your product or service.

Besides, you can learn from the successful BFCM case studies for better preparation for the upcoming big sale event.

Final thought

In conclusion, a high-converting landing page for BFCM is your gateway to a successful holiday sales season. You can engage shoppers and boost sales with captivating design, persuasive content, and a seamless user experience. Start building your BFCM landing page today, and don’t forget to access the BFCM marketing checklist to make the most of this shopping frenzy. Join us in making this BFCM unforgettable - your audience eagerly awaits the deals you have in store. Take action now and watch your sales skyrocket!

FAQs BFCM Landing Page

BFCM landing page FAQs

1. When does BFCM typically occur?

Answer: BFCM usually falls on the Friday and Monday following Thanksgiving in late November. Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November, and Cyber Monday is the subsequent Monday.

2. When should I build the BFCM Landing Page?

Answer: To maximize the effectiveness of your BFCM landing page, you should aim to build it several weeks in advance of the Black Friday Cyber Monday event. Starting the process around 4-6 weeks before BFCM gives you ample time to plan, create content, design, test, and optimize your landing page for the best results.

3. What should be included on my BFCM landing page?

Answer: Your BFCM landing page should include a compelling headline, details of your BFCM offers, clear calls to action, visuals showcasing products and discounts, customer reviews or testimonials, and any time-limited promotions.

4. What type of content should I prioritize on my BFCM landing page

Answer: Prioritize content highlighting the unique selling points of your BFCM offers. This includes product descriptions, discount details, and compelling copy that conveys the value of your deals.

5. How can I create a sense of urgency on my BFCM landing page?

Answer: You can create a sense of urgency by incorporating countdown timers, limited-time offers, an announcement bar, a free shipping bar, and phrases like "Act Now" or "Limited Stock Available." Emphasize that the BFCM deals are available for a limited time only.

6. How can I track the performance of my BFCM landing page?

Answer: Use web analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure essential metrics like page views, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. Monitor these indicators to determine how well your BFCM landing page performs and make necessary improvements for future campaigns.

7. What should I do after the BFCM sale is over?

Answer: After the BFCM sale, consider updating your landing page to reflect regular pricing or upcoming promotions. You can also gather valuable data and feedback from the sale to improve future BFCM landing pages.



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